Friday, January 18, 2008

My Roommates

Christine from Pocatello, Idaho!
This is my room roommate Tiffany from New Jersey and our FHE brother Michel from Maine!
Me and Johanna from Houston, Texas!
Aubri from Gilbert, Arizona!...and how weird is this...she literally lives 5 minutes away from my sisters house and I had no idea! Small world :)
And of course Kirsten from Starvalley, Wyoming! Our small town girl :)

Since most of my stories involve my roomates...and just because I talk about them all of the time, I figured I should put some pics up of all of them so you guys can see who I'm talking about! They are seriously the best EVER!

Our Brothers!

I know, I know I think I am the worst blogger EVER! But here's some pictures from last semester that I never posted. We pretty much have the best FHE group ever! So it was a sad day when it was the last Monday night with two of our brothers because they are leaving on their missions this semester! Weird! But they are the best and we miss them!

Football Games!

My seat for all of the football games are usually with my brother Paul, but this time I decided to sit by my roomies! Yay! It was a fun game and I'm pretty sure we won! We always have tons of fun together....
Go Cougars!