Thursday, April 21, 2011

Love This!

I have recently become obsessed with this website. Why have I never found it before? I don't know. I'm pretty sure my sisters use it regularly with their kids and I plan on using these ideas with ours as well. If you have a little squirt that's old enough to have fun with these ideas then stalk away!! This blog is awesome.

My favorite section is called "Fun Food Friday." She has great ideas on how to make meals fun and exciting for kids... you'd be surprised with what foods they will try if you transform it into something they are familiar with... like a rainbow! Anyways, just click on the link above and you'll see what I mean.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Advice Please!

I need help.

I really need to decide on a stroller so that I can just go ahead and order it and get this nonsense out of my mind already! It really shouldn't take a person this long to make a decision. I have narrowed it down to two strollers, both of which are a snap and go style. The first candidate is:

the Graco Snap and Go stroller
(about $60)
Down below just happens to be a picture of the said stroller. And below this one is...

... a picture of how it should be with my carseat snapped in. :)
And I will also look just as cheesy and staged as this woman does when I take my first picture with mine, that is if this is the winner. :)

- I have a graco snugride carseat which should easily snap right into the graco frame
- I love that there are two cup holders, one for my water bottle and the other for my keys
- It seems to have a pretty good sized basket that I could easily get into if need be
- Easy to get in and out of the car and much more lightweight than those huge graco systems
- This happens to be the more inexpensive choice of the two

(these are mostly based on reviews that I have read)
- It is not as easy on uneven terrain. Its not that I'd go walking in gravel, but I most likely will be walking daily on paths through the canal and such
- Reviews state that the shocks aren't too great for these walks that I'm talking about and that baby would be easily woken up
- The stroller does not turn on a dime. It takes a little more effort to turn this baby around if need be.

Maclaren Easy Traveller
(about $80)

- It is SUPER lightweight and folds almost as small as an umbrella stroller
- It is so easy to fold up... you can literally do it with one hand
- Should fit my carseat and be able to snap in as well
- Has a huge basket that could fit like 20 blankets, your diaper bag, and your purse
- Drives, if you will, very easily and has a pretty good shock system (as far as I have read)

- Do you see that dinky little cup holder? It's for a baby bottle, not a water bottle. Huge problem considering the fact that I ALWAYS have a water bottle with me
- I'm a little concerned that I wouldn't be able to get into the basket very well once the carseat is snapped into place... that could be a problem
- A little more expensive of the two
- Although they say that my car seat will fit nicely into the stroller, I can't be 100% sure until I try it out myself. I definitely don't want my baby falling out of the stroller.

Ok, so all you mothers out there, you have a job. Please leave a comment about which seems to be the better option. I am planning on using this until I find it necessary to buy an umbrella stroller for the little tyke.

Help! Please!

On a Lighter Note...

I've been hanging out with these cuties a lot lately. Lucky lucky me!!! (I'm totally being serious). They are hilarious and make my day every time I get to visit. Sara was so nice to share her milkshake with her boys... of course they all had to get in there at the same time. :)

Thank you Chick-fil-A for a fabulous dinner, awesome play area, milkshake, and endless Dr. Pepper. Couldn't have asked for more.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I am going to attempt making these today... or maybe tomorrow. I'll tell you how they turn out. They say they taste like donut holes. I don't know what sounds better right now: donut holes, or ice cream.

Oh sugar cravings please go away. You are not good for me. But until then, bloggers of all lands, please keep gracing this cyber world with yummy treats for me to try.

Friday, April 1, 2011

3-D ultrasound

Yesterday Spencer and I went to the doctor to get a 3-D ultrasound of our baby. It was so much fun to see a glimpse of what our little guy will look like. The umbilical cord was right below his nose and in front of his mouth so that part is a little blurry and in some of the pics it looks like he has a mustache! :) So funny.

Here is the little stud himself:

Side profile... totally has a Brems' nose:

My favorite pic...

Finished Product

The crib will go against the wall on the right under the very end branches of the tree. Spencer found the perfect tree... I love it!

Nursery In Progress

I've been working on the baby's nursery for the last little while now and although its coming little at a time, I am super happy with how it is coming along! I started by painting a few of the walls a green color... you can't really see the true green that it is in the pic but oh well.

Then, I used an overhead projector to put a picture of a tree silhouette that Spence found up on the wall. I traced it with a piece of chalk to get the outline up on the wall.

Here's the whole tree... minus the squares on it where pictures are supposed to go. I left the squares out and just free handed the branches for a little bit.

Pics of the finished product soon to come! :)