Saturday, January 16, 2010


This is a recap of the last few months here in Provo. I lost my camera cord in Texas, so I haven't been able to upload pictures to my computer for quite some time until we went home for Christmas! You see, my sister Rebekah has almost the same camera as me and has the exact same camera cord that I need to upload pictures... so being the fabulous sister that she is...she let me borrow it for a little bit to upload a few pics. Thanks Rebekah!

We ran out of chocolate chips at our house about a month ago, so I took a trip to Costco to grab another bag of Nestle chocolate chips. And then I found this. :) It was all over. I figured that I might as well buy the bigger bag since I knew I would use them all, at least by the time we move, and it would cost me a little bit less overall! Hello...ten pounds of chocolate chips is totally worth it. ;)

My Mom told me when I was younger that if I cooked my own food it would taste so much better than having someone else make it for me. I totally believed her when I was younger, but now that I make most of the meals in our house I have found that anything anyone is willing to make for me is absolutely delicious because I didn't have to do a single thing but eat it! After looking back, I think that was her desperate plea to get me to want to cook or something for her so she could enjoy dinner that much more. ;)
Usually we buy our pizza at Little Ceasars, but to be honest I really don't like their pizza at all even though it is pretty cheap. So I decided to hunker down and make my own! I've never made pizza before so I was kind of nervous but it was actually SOOOOO yummy! It might look disgusting and greasy and stuff (and the flash on the camera really didn't help that) but it was one of the best pizzas I've ever had. We didn't have much to throw on it but underneath the cheese is red onions and green peppers...mmm. All I have to say is that Mom was right... well at least in this case. :)

I had an assignment for my theatre class at the beginning of the semester to attend the Storytelling Festival held in the Scera in Orem, Utah. I had never been to a Storytelling Festival before and actually didn't even know that it was such a huge deal until I showed up at the Scera and the place was PACKED!!! I mean it was totally sold out and we had to sit outside of the fence so I could hear for a little bit. I was kind of bummed that I couldn't see anything, but I decided that it would have to do. Someone saw us sitting outside the fence and gave us an extra ticket... so now we had one ticket...but that wasn't enough for the two of us obviously. But we thought we'd try anyways. So we asked the lady at the entrance to let us get in with just one ticket, and she actually let us! It was so cool! What potentially was going to be a $14 date became absolutely free! I love it when that happens. :) The festival was SO cool and I would highly recommend it, especially if you have little kids. It was super entertaining.

The next day we went fishing! Our awesome Grandparents took us out on their boat for the evening and Spencer's parents were able to come to. It was so much fun! I had never been fishing before so we decided not to get me a license quite yet and I would just go out and enjoy the ride. It was totally worth it and I would for sure go again.

My mad camera skills in action. ;)

Spencer caught two rainbow trout right in a row and couldn't believe what was happening! Seriously, I am not exaggerating he threw his line back in the water after catching the first fish and two seconds later felt a pull on the line! You would think that someone in that situation would make an excited/shocked face...but instead this is the face he made. haha I love him :) This is his favorite pic from the trip.

On our way back to the dock

We got an awesome deal on a TV in September but had to wait a few weeks to get it. Our friend Brad helped us pick it up from the store and even stayed to help set it up. Thanks Brad!

We wanted to go pick up the scooter from the house in Lindon so we could ride it to the football game one Saturday. The traffic was pretty bad and it's a good 15 minute drive, so I wanted him to wear this beautiful helmet. :) It was pretty much hilarious seeing him ride around with that tiny helmet on so I had to snap a few pics. This man makes me laugh every single day and I love it! Life is so much better that way. :)

I followed him the whole way home...

And we made it to the game!