Monday, September 29, 2008

Yay it's my turn!

Ok so I've been tagged by Sara ;) and here's the along if you want. Go to your pictures and post the fourth picture from the fourth file! It's that simple! Here's one of my roommates Kirst and I last year on a snowy day at Heritage Halls. :) We decided to go outside with another one of our roommates and all take pictures with our hats on! It was so fun and the pictures actually weren't too bad at all...this one just happened to be the one of the group where we weren't ready as you can tell by our faces. :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Blog of a Lifetime! Holy Cow!

Wow I have seriously had some issues getting all of these pictures up here but....drumroll please..... here they are!  My NEW YORK PICTURES!!!!  I was so determined to get them up here because I've tried so many times that I had this rage building up in me (silly i know) against blogging! But here they are... and I tried to write this under all of the pictures but for some reason I couldn't figure it out so i figured this would work.  

Can I just tell you that I LOVE NEW YORK CITY!  All of these years it has been one of my dreams to go to New York and tour the city and go to a broadway play and I finally was able to do it and it definitely was everything I thought it would be and better!  I could go there over and over and over again.  I flew from Chicago to Newark (which was an adventure in itself) and stayed with my roommate Tiffany and her family who live in a little town called Garwood, New Jersey which is about 20 minutes from the city.  Saturday we went to the New Jersey Shore and played on the beach all day long, it was amazing. :)  It's so crazy on the east coast they have fleas that bite you on the beach and those little guys are more painful than you would think!  It was so fun to catch up and just lay out on the beach not to mention it was a perfect day!  On Sunday we went to church and had dinner with the family and then drove over to Liberty State Park and walked around to see the Statue of Liberty.  

Tiffany's brother, Sterling went to college at Temple University in Philadelphia, so Tiffany and I drove to Phili with him on Monday and were able to go see the Liberty bell, Independence Hall, and the Philadelphia Mint.  I really liked Phili too... there was so much character to all of the architecture and so many fun things to do!  And of course I had my first Phili Cheese Steak while I was there in true Phili style and it has now become one of my favorite things to eat :)  They're so yummy!

Tuesday and Wednesday Tiff, her mom and I all went into the city and had a blast!  We did so many things I can't even remember them all!  We went to Central Park, toured NBC Studios, Top of the Rock, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Temple, China town, Ground Zero, and so many other places!  We also were able to go see "Grease" on broadway with Taylor Hicks as Teen Angel and it was absolutely amazing!  I were also able to spend a lot of time with Tiffany's family and I love them so much!  I really wanted to spend the last night with all of them because they are just so much fun!  We played games with the little kids and just hung out.  They are an amazing family and I am so thankful to them for letting me stay and be a part of their family for a week.    

All in all I think what I really loved about New York was the energy that lives in that city.  The city definitely never sleeps and I love how there's ALWAYS things to do.  You don't even need to have a plan, you could just walk around and find things to do...easy!  I love the crazy people that you see all around you, and although they possibly could be a little scary or strange, it is something that you just don't see everyday in other parts of the country...especially in Provo, Utah! :)  So, here's my pictures and I hope you enjoy!  

I LOVE NYC!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Best Day of the Week

Two Sundays ago, Kirst and I decided to walk up to the temple after church and just relax and enjoy the amazing weather we have been having here in we walked up and laid under a tree for about an hour!  It was so fun and SO relaxing and definitely the perfect way to get ready for school. :)  That's right...I'm back in Provo for yet another year at BYU!  I'm loving it here, but it is most definitely different than last year in so many ways.  I like mostly all of my classes which is always nice and it's all just keeping me pretty busy just as it should.  AND!  For all of you that haven't heard yet, I have officially declared my major as of about a week ago...drumroll please......  I am now an Elementary Education major!  Shocking huh? ;)  That will allow me to teach from first to sixth grade, and then I also do something called a seventh and eighth grade endorsement so I can have the option to teach in the middle schools.  Basically I just have to minor in a subject that I can teach in middle school, I just have to decide what that is!  Anywho, that is the official update for tonight!  I hope everyone has had a great week!  Love you all!