Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Best Day of the Week

Two Sundays ago, Kirst and I decided to walk up to the temple after church and just relax and enjoy the amazing weather we have been having here in we walked up and laid under a tree for about an hour!  It was so fun and SO relaxing and definitely the perfect way to get ready for school. :)  That's right...I'm back in Provo for yet another year at BYU!  I'm loving it here, but it is most definitely different than last year in so many ways.  I like mostly all of my classes which is always nice and it's all just keeping me pretty busy just as it should.  AND!  For all of you that haven't heard yet, I have officially declared my major as of about a week ago...drumroll please......  I am now an Elementary Education major!  Shocking huh? ;)  That will allow me to teach from first to sixth grade, and then I also do something called a seventh and eighth grade endorsement so I can have the option to teach in the middle schools.  Basically I just have to minor in a subject that I can teach in middle school, I just have to decide what that is!  Anywho, that is the official update for tonight!  I hope everyone has had a great week!  Love you all!


Cardon Family said...

so relaxing....those days are the best! miss you!

Sanette said...

Congratulations Kels!! I'm sure things have changed since I taught, but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Elementary teachers RULE!!!!

Ashley said...

so exciting! i totally blog stalked on glenn's page and saw you had one haha. i wish i was back there at byu!