Saturday, April 17, 2010


Just wanted everyone to know that I have one final left for the semester!!! Halleluiah! This semester has been a rough one... and I'm so excited that it's almost time for a new one! Bring it on spring and summer semesters, I am that much closer to finishing my degree!

King of the Week!

Spencer's birthday was SO much fun! He always told me that birthday's were never a huge deal growing up and that they had a family dinner and party and that usually was the most they were celebrated. He loved the way his family did birthdays and was not expecting anything from me other than spending time together. So naturally, I went all out and instead of celebrating his birthday for one day, we celebrated it for one week! :) I love my husband!!!

Spencer had to take a midterm on his birthday and was busy studying all day long. Because of the test, he was not able to come home that day until around 9:30 or 10:00, so I secretly left this little note along with a King's crown in the car so when he was coming out of the testing center after his test, he would find this:

He had no idea that I was planning this so he was so excited when he came home and it was so cute to see him with his crown on. :)

Since it was so late and it was a weekday, the first night I just made him his favorite meal and we had dinner together and opened presents. When we got our TV, Spencer was dying to have a "fire video" so that we could have a "fireplace" in our house. Somehow for Christmas, I found one for a dollar at Target and wrapped it up and put it in his stocking. I think it is absolutely hilarious, but he loves it! Because of the special occasion, I decided to put the DVD in to set the mood for our romantic dinner. ;)

Here's our dinner..... imagine a lasagna on those trivets with a salad and garlic bread.

We had been out of light bulbs for about 2 weeks! It was so bad that we had been moving the light bulbs from room to room when we needed a little more light because we didn't have enough. Such is life of busy college students :) This was the one thing that he told his buddies he hoped he received for his birthday... I love that he finds so much happiness in the simple things in life :)

This was the best reaction of the night. Two years ago he bought a pair of shoes from Ross that he wears almost everyday... they go with every outfit! But they are so worn out and he definitely needed a new pair of shoes. He really wanted another pair of the same shoes, but didn't know if Ross still had them. So I just slipped over to Ross one night and fancy that, I found me another pair of the same shoes in the perfect size! I love when I have so much luck shopping!

Throughout the week I wrote small poems and put them throughout the house to let him know what birthday celebration we were going to do that day. The activities included bowling, going out to dinner, making him yummy cookies, and neither of us can remember the rest right now because it has been so long, but nevertheless, it was a blast. I'm so glad I was able to spoil my babe a little bit for his 25th. :) I think I'm going to keep it as a tradition... spoiling him I mean..he deserves it. :)

Here We Go

Alrighty, it's catch up time in the Hill household! Here we go people:

A few months ago we were able to go to an awesome BYU volleyball game with Spencer's family. We were lucky enough to have his brother Brian and his wife Nicole come with us along with Spencer's parents. We were also able to spend the evening with this handsome man. I love our nieces and nephews!

The game was so awesome! We ended up winning against Stanford who was actually ranked higher than we were. Each match was so close and I'm so glad that we were able to have family there to enjoy the game with us.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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