Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tru Wuv.....

Um.... so there's only 5 more days until Spencer and I get married!  And 3 more days until I get to see him!  Yay!  That's all I have to say :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Been a Long Time Coming....

So I came home from Utah to find that uploading from my computer to post pictures on the blog was not going to be quite as easy, so these pics are have been a long time coming, but now they are HERE! So onto the proposal story, now that the wedding is just around the corner :) Sooner than you know it there will be pictures of the wedding on here! Monday, April 13th, was one of the first nice and sunny days in Utah after a long winter and Spencer and I wanted to go play outside! I was at work and Spencer came up with a brilliant idea to go to a park after I got off at 6 that night. He picked me up from work and we headed out to find the perfect park. We continued driving and pretty soon we found ourselves on the freeway heading towards Salt Lake! So I asked Spencer where we were going and he replied...

" There's a really cool park in West Jordan that my sister-in-law Holly told me about so I thought we would go and check it out"

And in my head I'm thinking... "West Jordan?! There are plenty of parks in Provo that would be perfect and not so far away!" But I said "ok!" and in reality, the drive didn't faze me at all!

So we get off the freeway to West Jordan and as we are driving, we pass about four parks on our way to the perfect park that Spencer had in mind for us. :)

We pulled up to some kind of airport and I turned and looked at Spencer and said, "Spence this is not a park..." He just looked at me and smiled and continued to get out of the car. I was still kind of skeptical at this point, but I followed him as a nice gentleman came over to meet us at our car. Spencer talked to him like he had known him for days already (but he tends to make friends with people super fast so it didn't surprise me...that's one of the things that I LOVE about him :) ). We followed the gentleman, I think his name was Kade, and we walked through a couple of gates to find that a bright orange HELICOPTER had been pulled out for us!!!!!

I know! Crazy! Kade helped us into the helicopter and then we got ready for our first helicopter ride. We flew just past the point of the mountain so we could see both valleys and then came back over the draper temple and headed back towards West Jordan.

Here's the draper temple from where we were...

When Spence and I first started getting to know each other, I told him that riding a helicopter was on my dream list and was definitely something that I wanted to do before I die along with skydiving. Since that day, skydiving has kind of disappeared from my list, but I totally forgot that I had even told him about that! So I was so excited that he remembered and completely surprised me! It was so fun to put on the little headphone sets and be in a real helicopter! It was a beautiful day and was perfect for a ride over the valley.

Spencer helped Kade push the helicopter back into the shed and we continued back to Provo so that I could file my taxes. :) We decided to stop at one our favorites...Panda Express... for some good orange chicken to finish off the night. We took our food to go and we kept driving up the mountain, past my apartment! We finally stopped and got out of the car to walk to a really cool place where you could see Provo valley. We got to the spot and come to find out, Spencer had pulled up a huge couch on the side of the mountain with a table that had been set up with a tablecloth and a little vase of flowers and everything! We ate our chinese food and then opened our fortune cookies. He opened his first and then handed me mine. I cracked mine open and read...

"Will You Marry Me?"

I looked up and Spencer was on his knee with the ring box open and I couldn't believe it! I was totally not expecting it to happen at all before I left Utah because we were getting the ring custom made, but he completely surprised me! It was one of the best nights of my life. Of course I said "YES" and then we watched a slideshow of our pictures that a friend had put together for us...... it was so perfect!

.......and then I had to go do my taxes that night. :)

He is always surprising me everyday with something new and I absolutely love it! It is amazing how I fall in love with him more and more everyday and I can't wait for two more weeks to fly by until we are married and can be with each other always! We'll even get to be in the same state together! :)