Friday, May 1, 2009


When I started this blog a year ago, I decided right then and there that I would never put pictures of me with boys that I was dating on it for a couple reasons. The first is because my whole family will see my posts and everyone would be calling me trying to get the latest scoop on my love life, which I usually try to keep on the downlow unless I can tell things are going really well and becoming more serious, then I will tell them more about this boy that I am dating. Sorry fam! I hope that's ok with you!
The second, and final reason is that I didn't want to make a fool of myself! (that's right Sara, I used the word "fool" just for you.... I honestly almost deleted it because I remembered how much you love it ;) ). Let me explain, when I look at other girl's blogs that have pictures of their boyfriends that they have at the time, I think to myself, "Girl, what if you end up breaking up with this boy?! And then what are you going to do about all of these posts? And how are you going to explain to the blogging world (I guess you don't need to, but people will wonder) what happened to this boy that you seemed to be so madly in love with?!" So I came to the ultimate conclusion that I would only put pictures up of me with a boy if things got to be REALLY serious. :) And by REALLY serious....... I mean that

So I finally am able to post about a boy (well he doesn't like it when I say boy..... so a "man") that I want to post about and I am SO excited!!! Let me introduce you all to Spencer and tell you a little bit of our story. :) We met at school this past semester in January and went on our first date January 31st. I'm pretty sure it was the best date I have ever been on and I'll tell you why. Well, first of all, I was super excited about it because I had thought that he was so cute since the very first day I saw him (I know... kinda mushy...but it's true so I'm gonna tell it how it is). So naturally I didn't want to give myself much hope because I thought he was really cute but I didn't think he would even talk to me and I was sure he would never ask me out on a date! So I decided that he was just going to be a cute boy to look at if I ever got bored in class! (I swear BYU is making more girly the longer I am there haha). Well, little did I know that those first couple weeks in class, he had wanted to talk to me, but never found a time that wasn't awkward or stalkerish to do so.... so we finally met on January 27th after class that night which is kind of a funny story in itself.
I was walking home from our class, which was a night class so it was dark outside. All of the sudden, I heard someone yell my name... and it kind of freaked me out because it was dark and I was really really out of it because I woke up sick that day. So I turned around and saw that it was him... but I was so shocked that he was actually talking to me; AND I couldn't believe he knew my name!! So I just stood there not knowing what to say. :) So he yelled back to me, "Don't freak out!... My name is Spencer and I'm in your class... I was just wondering if you wanted a ride home?" I didn't really know what to do because I really wasn't very far from my apartment and I didn't want to look lazy by taking the ride, but I took it anyway :) We drove around and talked for about 45 minutes and it was SO fun! By the time I got out of the car we had set up a date for Saturday night.

So, about our date. Let me explain why it was the best date I've been on..... He picked me up and we went to Gandolpho's for some yummy food and then headed up to Park City. It was so much fun though because I had no idea where why we were going up there. We were doubling with another couple that was in the back seat of the car and Spencer made them promise not to tell me where we were going so I was really excited because I LOVE surprises! :) So we finally got there and we went to a Ski competition! It was SO cool!!! Now it was the best date because for the first time in FOREVER, I've actually been excited to go on a first date! I usually hate first dates and I can't even tell you the last time that I was excited to go on one. And I got really nervous...usually I get nervous because I worry that it will be awkward, but this time it was a different nervous... it was a good nervous, like a giddy nervous! And that NEVER happens to me! On top of that, he was super cute! AND we talked the ENTIRE night and it never once got awkward, and that's saying a lot because usually I feel like when I'm on a date, I have to struggle to find something to talk about with the guy that asked me out. Anyways.... that pretty much took up our night and we went back to Provo and he took me back to my apartment by midnight and I didn't even say anything about that! Huge brownie points there. :) That's because I had recently been on extremely long dates that I didn't necessarily want to be on... were talking 8 hour long dates that go until 2-3 AM!!!!! Even after I told them multiple times that I needed to be home by 12 because of things that I needed to do the next day. So by that point I had kind of given up on boys.... and I finally found one that seemed normal in all sense of the word. Finally! :)

So after that date we pretty much saw each other everyday since then until now! (because I'm not in Provo :( ). So there's our story of how we met... the story about how he proposed has to come later when I get those pictures too. :) But I'm so excited and can't wait for JULY!