Sunday, August 31, 2008

Trip to Nauvoo!

The Nauvoo Temple

Me, Rebekah and Brooke!!

Out to dinner :)

Our cute little bed & breakfast

I LOVE Nauvoo!

My Mom has been trying to take a family vacation to Nauvoo, Illinois for the past couple years and this summer it finally worked out!  It just so happened that Rebekah got into the EFY at Nauvoo with one of her friends so my Mom decided to make a family vacation out of it! :)  It was so much fun!  We stayed in Nauvoo for a couple of nights and saw so many little houses and different sites.  At first I didn't know if I would really like Nauvoo, but once you are there for a day or two you fall in love with that little town!!  We even got to stay at the cutest bed & breakfast in Nauvoo called the Ellis Sanders House and it was absolutely amazing!  We ate breakfast on the porch and had the most delicious food and we each of us even had our own bathrobe!!!!!  It was the best two nights ever!  They were the nicest people and the house was an original from the 1840's.  We learned so much about the history of Nauvoo while we were there and it was awesome to have the chance to live in it! :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

This Could Not Have Been Said More Perfectly!

I had to copy this from my sister Melissa because it is SO TRUE!! I love shopping with my Mom because it is always such an adventure and trying to keep it on the down low was always so exciting! But needless to say...when there is a good deal, there is a good deal!!! And that's all there is to it!

And just to add to all of this... here's a story that my sisters will love :) Mom, Rebekah and I went shopping a few weeks ago at the Woodburn Outlets. Usually when we go all the way out there everyone is pumped to find some good deals and do some bargain shopping...especially Mom! Well, we got there and Mom was so tired that she decided to let us go into the store while she took a nap in the car...that's where the weirdness began... when she got back, she was so quiet and wasn't really shopping...she seemed like she was just along for the ride! Usually she's the leader of the pack! Well, we went to a couple of stores and we took her back into aeropostale because they were having a HUGE sale! I'm talkin everything was pretty much 50-70% off, and Rebekah and I couldn't find much of anything. So we were standing in line to buy me a little backpack for school as Mom finds another purse that she just thought i HAD to have! "For peets sake Kelsey it is your color!! What do you mean you're not going to buy it?!?!?! Are you sure you can't find anything that you want? There's gotta be something back there that you like at least a little bit!!" She practically threw it at me while I was in line and was giving me no other option and made me go back to look for something else that I liked that was on sale haha... and then as I stood there looking at her in shock haha she just grabbed some t-shirts that were in a 50% off bin and added them to the pile! It was hilarious! And Rebekah, Mom and I could not stop laughing! Needless to say...I love the purse, and it is my color, and I'm glad she made me buy it :) Mother always know best. :)

After another successful shopping trip today I have to say....MOM, thank you for all of our past shopping experiences late into the weeeee night, or should I say morning......thank you for having a car that can get to the mall on autopilot or by just saying "Washington Square Mall"....thank you for telling us when there are amazing deals going on @ any store.....thank you for shopping year round and having a closet that is a mini mall so that when we were frantic to find something to wear in High School, we could always come to your closet and pull out a little bit of happiness out that you had stock up on...thank you for looking @ your watch @ 8:40 and although the mall closes in 20 minutes, telling us that we still have plenty of time....thank you for giving us the option to get up super early on Black Friday to get to Fred Meyer so early for donuts and socks and even though we were too young to understand the deals @ the time, I now know why it was so important...thank you for teaching us that men don't get excited about our purchases and to share your excitement with your sisters.....thank you for teaching us that there are those times that we just need to leave the bags in the car ( I may not have always understood this concept but as I have gotten older, I completely understand now )...thank you for also teaching me to put the bags in areas such as the laundry room or in areas that are discreet enough that we can pull the bags out when there are those that care to see our purchases around :)....thank you for teaching me about price adjustments.....thank you for understanding that girls will be girls and I'm sure all of your 7 daughters have benefited from your shopping skills. I will carry this on w/ my daughters for sure! We love you MOM!!