Thursday, July 5, 2012

Birthday Round Two

A few weeks after we got home from Utah, we had a small celebration for Colby with his little friends here in AZ.  I wasn't going to do any decorations, until the night before.  Story of my life!  I still wanted to do the sheep cupcakes, so I decided to do a farm theme to go along with it.  Not my favorite table set up, but it worked.  Cheap and easy!  :)

I did love this table though... everyone brought something to share.  We had hummus, fruit and an oriental salad.  Everything was so yummy!  When people were leaving after the party was through, I realized that I had failed to pull out the food that I was going to contribute - turkey wraps!  I was so sad and felt super bad since I had told everyone about them haha!  :(

We have some great friends here in AZ.

When I saw this fox backpack - I had to get it for him.  Or for me I guess since Colby doesn't fully appreciate how cute it is. :)

He was asleep when the party started - so we decided to let him sleep until after Spence and I ate lunch with the group.  He wouldn't be eating anyways, so it worked out rather nicely.

Aunt Rachel gave him this car ramp for Christmas but he wasn't quite big enough for it yet.  I saved it for his birthday - which was perfect.  Thanks Rach!

This was supposed to be a party with no presents allowed (except from Mom and Dad of course), but the Goodman's broke the rule and Kade gave him these alphabet blocks.  He loves chewing on them. :)

The boys went swimming afterwards.  We didn't get a pic of little Sophia, but she was there in all her cute glory.  Thanks everyone for celebrating with us!