Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Colby!

Because of how everything panned out with our trip to Utah, we actually ended up driving back to Arizona on June 1st, Colby's birthday.  So we pulled together a celebration for his big day a day early.  We were lucky enough to have all of the Hill family there as well as Melinda and the kids, and Trevor and Andi.  We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

These boys (Holden and Colby) are the cutest playmates.

Nicole made this super cute shirt for Colby using sandpaper, crayons and an iron.  So creative and cute!

Evaleigh was loving life on the swings... cute girl!
Libby couldn't get enough of those toys on the swing with her :)

I made sheep cupcakes supporting his latest obsession with the sheep in the backyard.

Mom Hill put together an awesome BBQ dinner for the group - thank you!!

This boy plays with his new truck nearly everyday now.

Melinda, JB and the kids gave Colby sports balls - can you see how excited he was?!

Mom and Dad Hill got Colby these cute bath toys and an outfit.

The day after we got back to AZ, we got a package from my Mom and Dad for Colby's birthday.  They were so sweet to send it all the way to AZ.  His cute new swimsuit has definitely been put to good use with as hot as it is down here right now, and the cute animal puzzles have been perfect.  Thank you thank you!

This is totally the face he would make when the sheep would bleat and he couldn't get close enough to them.  haha!  

Happy boy on a sugar high!!  It's amazing how fast a year flies by... I love this boy!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Enjoying the Weather

One of the many reasons we travelled up to Utah was to escape the heat.  While we were gone the temperature had already reached 110 degrees and it was only May!  Thankfully by the time we got back, it wasn't quite so hot.  Colby loved having grass to run around in, and I loved just letting him roam through the backyard.  

 Darren also snapped a few pictures for us one afternoon, and luckily enough, we all looked pretty decent so that I can use these for some family pictures with a little bit of photoshop.

Rhino Riding

While Colby and I were outside one afternoon, Grandpa came out to move a trailer from one side of the yard to the other using the rhino.  He took Russell for a spin, then it was our turn - Colby was totally in awe.  He is such a boy. :)  Grandpa took us for a quick spin around the back yard, then called Spence to come out and take us through the neighborhood.  So fun!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Spencer and I would find Colby like this on multiple occasions each day.  What was he looking at you ask?  The sheep of course!  They became his new best friends - he really could spend a full hour out in the yard just watching the sheep.

Nearly everyday after Grandpa Hill came home from work, he would take Colby outside to see the sheep.

He learned how to bleat like the sheep and anytime he would hear them, he would instantly stop whatever he was doing and run to the door to go and see them.  He knows the sound well enough that even today, one month later, when he hears a bleat, he will bleat right back.

The night before we left Grandpa Hill took Colby into the pasture to get a closer look at the sheep.  He was wiggling around so much wanting to walk around - so down he went.  He was in heaven!  Let's just say we washed him up REAL good right after. :) 

Cousin' Lovin'

Spencer had a two week break from school in May, so we decided to drive up to Utah and spend our time with some family that we don't get to see very often.  We stayed with Mom and Dad Hill who are always so willing to let us crash there as long as we need... thank you!  It just so happened to be the perfect place for Colby to be because lucky for him, two of his cousins were living there too!  He would wake up every morning and after every nap ready to play with Russell and Allison.

It was so cute to see these two play together... they are only two months apart.

Spencer found this toy at a garage sale for free.  While it was missing most of its parts, the kids LOVED it and would play with it daily.

Seriously... they are all so cute!!

This little girl is just the sweetest thing... we love baby Allison!


That face pretty much sums it up.  Totally worth the mess!