Sunday, June 24, 2012


Spencer and I would find Colby like this on multiple occasions each day.  What was he looking at you ask?  The sheep of course!  They became his new best friends - he really could spend a full hour out in the yard just watching the sheep.

Nearly everyday after Grandpa Hill came home from work, he would take Colby outside to see the sheep.

He learned how to bleat like the sheep and anytime he would hear them, he would instantly stop whatever he was doing and run to the door to go and see them.  He knows the sound well enough that even today, one month later, when he hears a bleat, he will bleat right back.

The night before we left Grandpa Hill took Colby into the pasture to get a closer look at the sheep.  He was wiggling around so much wanting to walk around - so down he went.  He was in heaven!  Let's just say we washed him up REAL good right after. :) 

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Lindsey Bench said...

Okay, seriously, the pictures of Colby with his face smashed up against the window? Best. Ever.