Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cousin' Lovin'

Spencer had a two week break from school in May, so we decided to drive up to Utah and spend our time with some family that we don't get to see very often.  We stayed with Mom and Dad Hill who are always so willing to let us crash there as long as we need... thank you!  It just so happened to be the perfect place for Colby to be because lucky for him, two of his cousins were living there too!  He would wake up every morning and after every nap ready to play with Russell and Allison.

It was so cute to see these two play together... they are only two months apart.

Spencer found this toy at a garage sale for free.  While it was missing most of its parts, the kids LOVED it and would play with it daily.

Seriously... they are all so cute!!

This little girl is just the sweetest thing... we love baby Allison!

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Brian and Nicole said...

Oh I LOVE all these posts! We miss cute little Colby- and I think the sheep do too :) We hope you guys are doing well. We love and miss you!!