Thursday, August 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home: Part II

So if you haven't read the post, "Home Sweet Home," I would suggest you do so first.  This Part II will make much more sense if you do so.  

Ok so I forgot that there were more pictures that I downloaded into my photo library to show you all!  So here are the rest.... hence, part II.

I could totally paint my kitchen this color yellow.  It's not too bright, but not too faint that you can hardly tell it's yellow.  I want a happy kitchen that has a lot of sunlight coming in, and the yellow helps. :)

I really like the drapes!!!!  So cute!  I don't love the pattern so much, but I totally dig the bunchy type of drapes.  I think they add the personality that I like to the kitchen.

So I think the backsplash in this kitchen is hideous!  But If you move your eyes up just a little, you will notice a lovely open cupboard displaying some adorable dishes ( and the dishes are even the right color).  That is what I love.  I really like the open cupboards that are at the end of the cupboards that kind of have a rounded edge... I don't know if you can imagine what I am trying to explain but it kind of reminds me of an old house.  That's a really bad way to describe it but I guess it's kind of a little hint of vintage.  And I think Spencer thinks I am crazy because I like vintage/antique things sometimes... he always double checks to make sure that I want a new looking house... not one that looks really old because I am always pointing out the houses to him that are older and have a lot of personality to them.  I always reassure him that it can look new but I want some pieces that give it some kind of personality that makes it a little different than the normal modern decorations that you see these days.  Well... all of that made sense to me so I'm just going to leave it at that haha sorry!!  Oh and I like the cabinets in this picture too.

I really like that the backsplash wasn't full of just tiling and that it just has a little touch of fancy design on the tile.  :)

Um.... love this idea.  And I really like how everything is neatly labeled and such instead of having all those ugly spice containers that they come in.  This is a narrow cupboard that actually has a door that you can close when you're done.  I like this much better then a spice rack!  And they look so organized!

Home Sweet Home

Spencer and I just moved into our first apartment in Provo and we are so excited to finally have a place to call our own!  And I am especially excited to know that we won't have to pick up and leave anytime soon. :)  And I am even more excited that when I go to the grocery store, I don't have to buy the exact amount of an item to make a meal because I know that we can use it again when I cook whatever I want with ALL of our own kitchen supplies!!!!!  YAY!  Besides all of that excitement, I have been thinking a lot about decorating with this new apartment and all.  I can see far off into the future what I want my kitchen to look like, and what I want our bathroom to look like, etc. but for some reason it has been so hard for me to look at our front room and think that with this carpet, these wall colors, and these pieces of furniture, I can make our little apartment into the cute home that I want it to be.  So in the meantime.... 

... here are some pictures of things that I like and will be considering for our future home.  I spent some time one day in Texas while Spencer was at work copying all the pictures that I liked into my photo library so I can keep them for later. :)  So without further ado, here are the pictures that I found!

I love the colored bowls in the cabinets, and I also love how you can see the bowls and how cute they are because of the see through doors.  These bowls represent some of the colors that I want in my kitchen later on in life.  I would want them now, but I can't want them now because I won't allow myself to buy any of them... you see I don't have anything that color and now is not the right time to start my collection.  Some day.... ( I get excited just thinking about that day!!)

Ok, so I don't really like anything in this kitchen above, it's just not really my style, especially the dog sprawled across the kitchen floor.  But if you look at the light fixture that surrounds the kitchen ceiling.... now that is something that I LOVE!!!  Maybe not that exact one, but something like it.

You may think I'm crazy but I also like these light fixtures... I know I can't really have both these three and the one that covers the whole ceiling in the picture before, but I can't decide yet.. and believe me I have some time. :)  By the time I can decide, I probably will change my mind anyways but I do like these as well.  The main reason for the above picture is because it is the other half of this kitchen below... and I absolutely LOVE the chairs!!!!!

Excuse me, yes, they are beautiful!  I LOVE them... and totally want those bar stools in my kitchen.  They rock and that's all there is to it.  I also really like how subtle the red is in this kitchen.  I like how they didn't have to paint a whole wall red to make it the accent color (even though that would probably be cute too).  The fabric on these chairs is awesome and, well, I love it.  I just really like how simple and chic the kitchen is.

Someday I will have my kitchen and home decorated the way I want it, but for now, our lovely apartment will do!!  Spencer has put a lot of work into making our apartment more cozy and comfortable and I am SO grateful for that. Not to mention... I am loving our new home and am so excited to be there for an entire year!  Yay for finishing school!