Saturday, March 17, 2012

A New "Hat"

The newest addition to Colby's wardrobe is this navy blue helmet that he gets to wear as much as 23 hours a day. At his four month appointment his pediatrician mentioned that he had a small flat spot on the back of his head, most likely from sleeping on his back. She suggested keeping him off of the back of his head as much as we could, with the exception of sleeping. We did exactly that. I held him nearly every waking moment during the day since he could not yet sit up. We practiced tummy time as much as possible but soon after that appointment, Colby learned how to roll from his tummy to his back. After a few days of rolling over, we could not get him to stay on his tummy. At. All. The second you put him down, he rolled right over. So he was pretty much held for those two months until his sixth month appointment. We headed back into the doctor and I knew that his head had only gotten worse.... HOW?! I couldn't understand it. I had held him as much as I could (except during sleeping hours), and yet his flat spot grew to a flat head. The weird part was that she didn't even mention it during the appointment. At the end of the visit, I asked what she thought and if we should be referred to Hanger for a helmet. She agreed and sent us on our way with a referral in hand.

The office closest to our house was booked for at least one month for any initial visit, so I knew that I needed to look elsewhere if I wanted him to have his helmet anytime soon. I was able to find an opening at an office in Sun City West, about 30 minutes away from our home. I was bummed that it was so far away because I knew we would be visiting often, but I really wanted to start the process. It felt like braces again - I wanted the helmet on so that it could be off sooner than later. Doctor Tate was awesome with Colby - he agreed that it was needed and walked me through the process.

1. Clearance from the insurance
2. Initial measurements via scan
3. Helmet fitting
4. 1 - week follow-up
5. Follow-up measurements every 3 weeks after that

It took their office four weeks to get clearance from our insurance - which by the way is unheard of. It really was a miracle. Once it was cleared, we had the helmet fit to his head and started the process of breaking it in without traumatizing Colby.

He really hated it at first but after about a week he was wearing it for up to 23 hours a day. For the first two weeks he sweat like a maniac in that thing, but as time went on his body adjusted. What a champion!

After a week and a half we went back into the doctor's office and we were both surprised that his head shape had already changed a lot. Doctor Tate thought that he would for sure be finished with his helmet before his first birthday.

We're crossing our fingers!

This was the day he discovered the coolest fort ever... the table. He was happy as a clam!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

9 months

Colby has turned into quite a mischievous boy these last few weeks. It's been really fun to watch him get into things around the house since he has become mobile lately. It may not be fun for long, but I am going to enjoy it while I can.

Speaking of mischief... here are some examples:

If those flowers are there when he gets in his walker, that is the first place he will run to. He loves taking them out and throwing them on the floor or eating them. Yum! He is really good with his walker, especially on the tile. Once he walks into the kitchen he books it to the other side and lifts his legs up to glide... its super funny!

This boy loves anything electronic. If there are buttons or lights, he wants it... especially our phones. We've had to minimize the use that Colby has of our phones because I'm pretty sure they are starting to become dysfunctional from all the saliva. He also has sent a few text messages on his own.

I burned my hand really bad one night right before Colby's bedtime. After all the craziness that had happened in the kitchen, Spencer and I noticed that it had become a little too quiet in the house. We walked into the family room area to find Colby and this is what we found! Those recipe cards sure taste yummy! As a matter of fact, he loves putting anything paper into his mouth. I'm really not sure why, but I have recently decided that I am going to invest in so indestructible books that feel kind of like paper so he can eat them as much as he wants.

He loves sitting on the fridge... with Dad's assistance of course.

Eating dinner with his shirt on his head. :)

Looks a little like Zoolander to me!

This is the outcome of his hair

He is officially pulling himself up on anything he can!

Now a days he pulls himself up and then looks to Mom or Dad for praise. He is so proud of himself and it is sooo cute!

And last but not least, he is starting to walk. What?!! Yes, our little nine month old can balance himself for about 15 seconds on his own and loves to walk with you or with his walker. Watch out world... here comes a new toddler!

He learned how to clap his hands today... seriously so cute.

He likes to eat finger food the most lately as opposed to pureed food from a spoon. I don't blame him at all. Some of his favorites are any carbs, especially bread pieces and pancakes, baby puffs, ritz crackers, blueberries, and peach chunks. He still puts up a fight for any food that is cold, which makes it a little challenging for me, but we figure it out!

Has been sleeping through the night for the last 2 months. Amazing. Sometimes I wonder how I even functioned on hardly any sleep. I guess you just do what you gotta do.

Lately he has wanted to be held all the time, but that is probably because he has been very sick for the last two weeks. I don't mind the cuddliness at all though. Those moments are coming few and far between these days since we don't rock him to sleep anymore and he is always on the move.

He absolutely loves kids. He spent a few days at Sara and Doug's house while Spencer and I went to disneyland and LOVED being entertained by those kiddos. He and Jake formed a special bond... they really do love each other. It is so cute to see them play together.

He continuously is our happy boy. He is almost always happy and if he is sad, it only lasts for about five seconds. We seriously are so lucky with this little guy. Nearly every time I smile at him, he gives me a huge grin back. We love our boy!

9 month stats:

weight - 20 lbs. 1 oz. (44%)
length - 28 inches (42%)
head cir. - 44 1/2 cm. (27%)