Sunday, April 10, 2011

Advice Please!

I need help.

I really need to decide on a stroller so that I can just go ahead and order it and get this nonsense out of my mind already! It really shouldn't take a person this long to make a decision. I have narrowed it down to two strollers, both of which are a snap and go style. The first candidate is:

the Graco Snap and Go stroller
(about $60)
Down below just happens to be a picture of the said stroller. And below this one is...

... a picture of how it should be with my carseat snapped in. :)
And I will also look just as cheesy and staged as this woman does when I take my first picture with mine, that is if this is the winner. :)

- I have a graco snugride carseat which should easily snap right into the graco frame
- I love that there are two cup holders, one for my water bottle and the other for my keys
- It seems to have a pretty good sized basket that I could easily get into if need be
- Easy to get in and out of the car and much more lightweight than those huge graco systems
- This happens to be the more inexpensive choice of the two

(these are mostly based on reviews that I have read)
- It is not as easy on uneven terrain. Its not that I'd go walking in gravel, but I most likely will be walking daily on paths through the canal and such
- Reviews state that the shocks aren't too great for these walks that I'm talking about and that baby would be easily woken up
- The stroller does not turn on a dime. It takes a little more effort to turn this baby around if need be.

Maclaren Easy Traveller
(about $80)

- It is SUPER lightweight and folds almost as small as an umbrella stroller
- It is so easy to fold up... you can literally do it with one hand
- Should fit my carseat and be able to snap in as well
- Has a huge basket that could fit like 20 blankets, your diaper bag, and your purse
- Drives, if you will, very easily and has a pretty good shock system (as far as I have read)

- Do you see that dinky little cup holder? It's for a baby bottle, not a water bottle. Huge problem considering the fact that I ALWAYS have a water bottle with me
- I'm a little concerned that I wouldn't be able to get into the basket very well once the carseat is snapped into place... that could be a problem
- A little more expensive of the two
- Although they say that my car seat will fit nicely into the stroller, I can't be 100% sure until I try it out myself. I definitely don't want my baby falling out of the stroller.

Ok, so all you mothers out there, you have a job. Please leave a comment about which seems to be the better option. I am planning on using this until I find it necessary to buy an umbrella stroller for the little tyke.

Help! Please!


Cardon Family said...

I think the graco one will be just fine and you will be happier with the two cup holders. I love cup holders and the more the better I say...and it will save you $20!!

Erin said...

I'm with Sara. The cup holders and easy access basket are a must.

Lindsey Bench said...

I agree with our sisters. Plus, with no one modeling the 2nd one, how am I supposed to know how good you will look pushing it? It is just too big of a risk.

Lindsey Bench said...

And by "our" I mean "your". Otherwise, that makes me sound a little creepy.

Rachel said...

OK...I actually would go for the Maclearan one. I know it's $20 bucks more - but I can not tell you how much I love my stroller - that it turns on a dime - you could even push and turn it with one hand if you had to be holding something else, folds way down (with one hand), is very lightweight and is a snap in the airport. It looks like you could easily get into the basket from the other side - the basket is huge and you COULD put your water in there. I did lots of testing of strollers when we were in Germany, because I saw all these women with great strollers (they walk everywhere). I almost bought one when we were there because of the easiness of use. But, you'd probably be fine with the Graco one. I see lots of people with that one too.

Melissa said...

Either one will be fine... They r close enough the same that I know u will be happy either way and besides, when Colby grows out of his carseat or doesn't want to be stapes down like that after about 8 months, u will be doing your research again for a single stroller. Lol!!! We almost got the grace one with Jaycee.

Emily said...

If I were looking and choosing one I would go with the Graco, but really I would decide to get one that would last me longer than just the phase of carseat use. That's how I shop though, for the long term use. I think the same as Melissa, you'll be shopping for another stroller unless your thinking of the $20 umbrella strollers, that don't really recline much, for when Colby will be wanting to sit and watch where he is going in about 5 or 6 months. Although, I do see Rachel's point and have heard Macclaren strollers are pretty nice. :) Oh strollers they are just so bulky and hog trunk space, but are soooooooo nice to have.

Katie Seamons said...

I'm with Emily with the longevity! We have the graco system that I used all the time when he was new to go walking with. and then when he got to be 6 months when he didn't want to be strapped in and he was super sturdy I got a more compact stroller (not umbrella but a step up w/ cup holders I might add...) to use when I knew we needed trunk space AND a stroller (we have a honda civic, that trunk is NEEDED space!) I still use the graco system when we are walking from home or working out but after 2.5 years we still use it quite often. If you do get one of these strollers I would say save the 20 bucks because you will probably use it for a few months and then it will sit until you have your next one. There's my 2 cents!

Ceci and Steven said...

My question is: are you looking to buy another stroller when the carseat phase is over? if so, that's cool. BUT I personally love what I got (the Chicco travel kit) But Graco also has that...Because of the fact that these things aren't cheap and having to buy yet another in like a couple of months....didn't sound like something i wanted to do. So my advice is, go with a travel kit of some sort so that your stroller lasts longer than just a couple of months (plus when you go on walks and stuff, your baby will be way really to get of the carseat and facing one way) Jake really enjoyed life when I could seat have him facing forward in the stroller so he could see more and enjoy life ;)
but that's my opinion.
good luck. this is SO exciting!!
PS if you're a runner at all...just go for a jogging stroller now, I wish I would have.

The Lovelands said...

They grow SO fast. Claire HATES being stuck in her car seat when we go out. If you could find a cheap travel system on KSL or Craig'slist, that'd be my opinion. That way you still get your double cupholder, the snap and go idea, but you can also use it as he grows and you won't need to buy another stroller later on.