Wednesday, December 12, 2007

SNOW DAY...or maybe week!

Me and my roomates Aubs and Kirsten
Some of my cute neighbors from downstairs!
Me and Kirsten...sometimes we just have too much fun!
I love my roomie! This is me and Tiff at the temple trip.
Kirst, Jo and I decided to take winter pics in our hats. It was a lot of fun!

It's been snowing a lot here in Provo since I have lived here for the past couple months. The first day of snow was in September, but we went on a dry spell for a couple weeks, and the snow came again on December 1! I don't think there is a more perfect way to start off the month of December! Our ward had an activity that day and we took buses to temple square to watch the Joseph Smith movie and then to walk around temple square and look at the lights. It was so much fun and the snow made it even better!

Then this last week we got about a foot of snow on Monday of last week, and the snow is still here! My roommates and I decided that we didn't have any pictures out in the snow so we definitely had to fix that! So here's all the pics in the snow!

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