Saturday, July 5, 2008

Silver Falls

Mom has been wanting to go to Silver Falls for these past couple of weeks...because she still has not been in all of the 17 years that we've lived here in Oregon! So they picked me up from work today at 3 and we all packed into the van and drove an hour away and hiked to a big waterfall! But we had a lot of fun and it was a beautiful hike! When you got to the waterfall it was so cool because the trail went underneath the rock where the water was falling from and you actually went behind the waterfall! It was so cool! So here's some pics of our adventure!


Kyle and Melissa said...

BOMB!! I want to go! Way to go with the pics...keep it up. My favorite picture is you and Rebekah trying to lick the waterfall...never thought I would be able to witness that picture :) Love you! PS..Disneyland is ON!

Erin said...

I did this hike long ago with Melanie Cunningham...remember her? Probably not. Fun fun! Way to go Mom for getting everyone out of the house for a little hike!

Kelsey said...

Melis- i know! that picture was kind of awkward considering our tongues were literally only one inch away from each other haha it was hard not to laugh :) and Erin- ya i remember her and it was way fun! i love hiking!
PS youre right Melis...Disneyland is ON baby!