Friday, May 28, 2010

Color Me Mine

There is this place in the Riverwoods called Color Me Mine where you can paint ceramic pieces and they fire them for you in a kiln. They have everything from plates, mugs, to christmas tree ornaments! I've always wanted to go.... so we went!! Usually there is an entrance fee, but we went on the canned food day, so our entrance fee was two cans each! Beautiful. :) We had a blast and I'm so glad that we went. However, it did take us ALL afternoon and evening. I couldn't believe how long we were there, but it was so worth it.

I was secretly hoping that for our wedding someone would give us a red You Are Special plate, but sadly that hope was not granted. So instead of buying one... I made my own version!!! It's called the You Rock plate. :) And I love it SO much! And it's so unique. :) This is when I had just finished painting it, so it looks a ton better now because it's shiny and glossy and stuff since they dried it in the kiln.

Here is Spencer and his masterpiece! It has little drawings of things that we have done together since we met way back when. It took me a while to guess a few of them, but it's so fun that we can look at this plate and remember all the things that we have done together! Unfortunately, I am not the greatest journal keeper, so this plate will be so nice to have instead.


Melissa said...

Love the plate! It does totally rock. Does Spencers say " It sure is Fancy you love me?" :) Cute!

Holly said...

I LOVE both of your plates! Good job:)