Thursday, June 17, 2010

He Has Finally Become A Man

One of the chore's in the Hill household while Spencer was growing up was to till the garden. Somehow... in all those years of having chores... Spencer flew under the radar and his brothers always had to till the garden instead! Well, a few months ago, his brothers found out. And it was hilarious! It was quite the conversation. Now that we're living his parents basement for the summer, I guess Spencer has time to catch up on all the chores that he never had to do. ;)

So for all of you Hill boys... this post is for you. :) Here is proof that Spencer has FINALLY tilled the garden:

p.s. watch his faces in these pics... where did this boy come from?! haha he's hilarious. And I love it.


Brian and Nicole said...

Oh my hannah, I am laughing so hard, I HAVE to show this to Bri when he gets home. :)

Holly said...

That is AWESOME! Brandon and I welcome Spencer to manhood. Good job!

Hill family said...

Spencer, Dad says that the garden needs to be tilled again! :)

☂niki said...

how funny!

you guys are so cute!