Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentine's Day

In the Hill household, Monday nights are reserved for intense study nights because every Tuesday morning at 7 am, Spence and his buddies have a large test for their basic science course. Mondays I usually find something quiet to do around the house while Spencer and a few friends gather around our table for five or more hours studying. I actually don't mind at all. I'd rather them be here than just be at the house by myself all night.

Since Valentine's Day fell on a Monday this year, a few wives and I decided that a Monday night celebration was just not going to be happening with the stress of a big test on the boys shoulders. So we decided to party a little early.

We planned all week long, and then Friday night we surprised them all! Seriously... none of them had ANY idea. It was perfect.

They all found a short little poem directing them to some friends house where all the wives were hiding out... decorating and cooking like mad!

We had a delicious meal - seriously it was SOOOO good. I really did feel like I was at a restaurant and I can say this because I wasn't really in charge of the big stuff that turned out amazing. The potatoes and meat were to die for!

Then we completed the evening with some delectable chocolate heart cakes and some fun games. Here's a few pictures from the night (they are a little out of order):

The decor:

Daddy in training

Before the boys arrived:

The boys (minus Tim) - we missed the Johnson's!!!

My handsome Valentine

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Lindsey Bench said...

Hey! You are officially in the double digits on your baby countdown.