Saturday, March 19, 2011


Is it so bad that I don't want our baby boy to ever come out of me?

It sounds a little too painful to me. I mean, I think I've seen my fair share of pain throughout my life.

- broken ankle
- fractured hand
- numerous muscle strains and sprains
- intense muscle lockening in my back to the point where I could not get out of bed on my own
- stress fracture in my fibula
- broken clavicle and three ribs
- and then to top it all off, 5 dislocated metatarsals, 3 of which were broken as well as tearing of a major ligament in my foot (this has been by far the worse of the bunch)

I am not sharing all of this to write about how tough I am, or how cool I am that all of these things have really happened to me throughout my life because honestly, I would have rather not felt any of that pain.

I'm just saying that looking back at that list, I think my body has seen enough. Most of these issues came from being so involved in gymnastics, which I totally understand was my choice, but either way

pain = no fun

And he's doing just fine in my belly the way he is. Maybe I won't feel this way in a few weeks, but at least I do right now. I went in to the doctor to have some little (ok maybe they were huge) bumps on my fingers frozen off and I almost passed out. They had to keep me an extra 40 minutes so I could lay down and let my blood pressure go back to a normal level. Spencer even had to come and pick me up from the doctor's office. I have to go back in a week to have it all done again and I'm hoping that my body won't react the same way, but I guess I better go in expecting it. I really think that having this little man in me is changing my pain tolerance which kind of worries me considering he still has to come out of me haha!

Anyways... the moral of the story is... I like him where he is. In my belly. To never come out. Is that so bad?


Lindsey Bench said...

It hurts. But it is the best pain in the world, because you get the best reward at the end of it.

Holly Llewellyn said...

if you plan on getting an epidural...get it as soon as you can...i get it immediately so you don't have to feel the worst contractions and the labor part isn't too bad

Rebekah said...

Yes it is so bad because I want to meet this little guy and I bet you do too! :)

Melissa said...

I remember having contractions with Jaycee and walking the halls of the hospital and telling Kyle that I wanted to take it all more baby!! But once that epidural kicked in, it was heaven on earth. You will be lucky and have such an easy delivery...just you watch. It happens so fast that it will all be a blur before you know it.

Katie Seamons said...

I am a wimp. I know this. I said that I wanted to go as long as I could without an epidural and I lasted about 15 minutes of real contractions before I started crying for the epidural. Call me a wuss but the epidural is where it's at. Why go through the pain when you don't have to???

Erin said...

Fortunately you WILL get to the point that no matter what pain you have to endure, you will want that baby outside of you. You will be super uncomfortable and then you WILL be ready. Promise. And no matter what, just remember that women give birth can do it too. Your body was designed for it and will know what to do. Epidurals are the best but even without one the pain is not forever (thank you Price). You'll do great Kels!