Saturday, June 14, 2008

Conference Time!!!

Alright I'm finally back into the blogging mood which is very good timing since I now have all of my pictures back from my jumpdrive that came in the mail yesterday. So this morning is dedicated to blogging. :) I just had to do a little shout out for General Conference this last April because it was absolutely amazing! I LOVE general conference and since I was up at school for the fall and winter, I was able to get tickets to go to a session at both the October and April conferences. My brother Paul sang in the BYU choir for the Saturday afternoon session and he was able to get one ticket to give to someone. So, being the loving brother that he is, he gave the ticket to me so I could go and watch him sing!!!! :) It was the coolest thing! I've been to a lot of choir concerts at the Y, but nothing compared to this! There was such an amazing spirit there.

I found out that you weren't supposed to take pictures at the most recent conference, so this picture is from when I went in October when I wasn't quite aware of that rule :) My seats were with the missionary section which is on the left side underneath the big TV. I was about 15 rows back. It was so awesome! There were seats in the front row that I could've sat in because it was just me and not a group of people, but I decided that I wanted to see Paul too and not just the speakers. So was so cool and Paul definitely deserves a congrats even though it is a little belated!
So good job Paul!!

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