Saturday, June 14, 2008

Missing Provo

So lately I've had this thing we like to call "home sickness." I don't typically get home sick, but now it's not even from my real home in's from PROVO! Call me crazy but I actually really miss Provo! When I was at school, I never really got too homesick and if I was it only lasted for about an hour. But this has been going on for almost 2 weeks now and I can't believe it! I never thought this would ever happen...but I guess these things are a little unexpected. Don't get me wrong...I absolutely LOVE being home in Oregon again and being with the family! And I definitely am going to soak it all up while I'm here because I know I will miss it when I go back to school.

So I decided to reminisce about Provo and post some pictures from when I was there. So here they are!

Almost all of my roomies...Christine seemed to always manage to find her way out of the pictures :(

Temple Square with my neighbors!!

On our way to our favorite class......Student Development!!!! ;)
You can tell their true emotions from their faces.

Roomies again!

Pablo's birthday party! Some of his friends were going to make a pillow case for him out of this really fancy baseball sheet (it was a baseball themed party and was really fun because they made a baseball cake and everything) but instead it turned into a cape. :)

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