Friday, November 28, 2008


I promise I didn't mean to do this :)  So.... here's a funny story to explain this picture.  A couple of weeks ago I had to do a presentation in one of my courses about me and I had to include a picture of me in the presentation.  So I was going through my pictures and I barely had ANY with just me in them so I ended up having to crop the other person out and print off only half of the picture.  Little did I know that when I printed it out, IT WOULD FILL UP THE WHOLE PAGE!  Once it started coming out of the printer like that I just started laughing and I couldn't stop!  It was way too funny and it was just one of those "Kelsey Moments" that my family will tell you about. :)  It's a good thing that it was just my roommates around because they have definitely seen me do silly things like that before on accident.  I mean seriously....the picture of my head is BIGGER THAN MY OWN HEAD!!  Just thought you could all use a laugh! :) 

Well I'm home for Thanksgiving break...Hallelujah!  So I decided that I probably have a little bit of time to update my blog since I have been so terribly bad at it lately.  Here are some new posts... and Star Valley pictures are coming soon!

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Cardon Family said...

haahahah....I bet that was so funny! So did you use that huge one in the presentation....that would have been even more hilarious!:)