Sunday, November 2, 2008

They're Getting Married!!!!

I love Paul's red hair in all of these paintings!!  

The happy couple... I love them :)

There were three paintings on the floor that led up to the temple painting on the table

They are officially engaged so I'm allowed to blog about it now :)  This past Saturday, November 1st, my brother Paul asked his girlfriend Lindsay to marry him!  She is so cute and I love her!  On their first date they finger painted and then went to get some gelato in Provo....SO..... last night Paul took Lindsay to the same gelato place and a movie and then brought her to her apartment where in the mean time, my roommates and I, as well as Lindsay's roommates set up the apartment with flowers everywhere along with some finger paintings that Paul had done earlier that day of things that they like to do together.  It was so stinkin cute!!  I'm so happy for them and I can't wait for January 16th!!!  Congratulations Paul and Lindsay!


Erin said...

Thanks for posting pictures! I hope she likes her is beautiful! Paul is so crafty with his fingerpainting. How cute.

Emily said...

So awesome!!! We are excited here as well. You and your roomies did a very nice job. Way to go.

Rebekah said...

So cute! Love it! And I can't wait until January. It will be so fun. I love her ring it is gorgeous!

Sanette said...

Very creative--I would've been floored--so cute!!
Congratulations Paul and Lindsey, I hope I get to meet you soon!!!