Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Wedding.... Part I

Mom and Dad took most of us kids.. at least the ones that didn't have to watch the little kiddos ... to Denny's the night before the wedding after the "bachelor" party. :)  Here is the last picture that I will ever have with Paul and I while we are both still unmarried!!!  Now it's just Rebekah and I!  
Here's little Mikey the day of the wedding!  I had to post this pic because he is just too cute in his little bear outfit!
The happy couple!  Actually this picture is from a week before the wedding... my friend Monica came into Utah to visit me and we went to Temple Square for the day and look who we ran into taking their bridals!!!  It was so fun!
Now here they are coming out of the temple.... Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Lindsay Brems :)  So cute!  We LOVE Lindsay!!!  They are so perfect for each other!
The Brems bridesmaids.... we loved our flowers and dresses!  I love getting to be a bridesmaid so many times with all of my brothers and sisters getting married....its so FUN!
JB and Melinda.... the cutest picture ever!
Kirsten was such a model that night... this girl is so hilarious and I miss her!  She has such a fun personality and is SO STINKING CUTE!!!  She was totally posing for every camera that came her way!
Melinda and Rebekah getting yummy dessert!
Some of the little Jakie :)
And of course..... the car.... Lindsay's family did a pretty good job decorating for them to drive around in.  

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