Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Wedding.... Part II

The next weekend, Paul, Lindsay, and I flew to Oregon for the reception there.  It was SO fun to go home and see everyone again!  Mom had a few people in our ward decorate the house... and it was AMAZING!  The house looked so beautiful and so did she is walking down the stairs :)
Yay!  I love girl time in the girl's bathroom. :)  Here we are getting ready for the night!

Aunt Darlene came down to help my Mom with the food... which by the way was so good.  They slaved away all day to make some delicious food for the night.  There were so many treats and appetizers.  Aunt Darlene spent a lot of the time making the groom's cake...which is this really rich chocolate cake that is super tall and yummy!  I wish I would have taken a picture of it after it was all done.
I had to add in this last picture that I should have put in the last post.  This is my absolute favorite picture of the day.  We haven't had pictures with just us kids for a while and I LOVE this one!  Thank you for getting married Paul so we could have a reason to all get back together for a weekend! ;)  I love every single one of my brothers and sisters and I seriously don't know what I would do without them!  


Cardon Family said...

oh...I want to go home for a visit sooo bad! :( and get ready in the bathroom:)

Emily said...

Looks like fun. Oh the memories of getting ready for my wedding in that same bathroom. Was that Lindsays first time to the casa? And yes we would like to go for a visit sometime as well. Can anyone help us figure out a good time?????

Rebekah said...

Yes i can help you both out for a good time to come visit!!! ASAP!!!! Please! I am desperate for some good sisterly lovin and baby time! Please help me! ;)