Sunday, December 5, 2010

White Coat Ceremony

A few months ago Spencer had his white coat ceremony, which welcomed him into the medical field. He took an oath that sounded very important, but honestly I can't remember what it all said or meant. :/ All I know is that he vowed to be the best dentist that he could be.

This is the auditorium where Spencer has his lectures. They have these huge dividers that separate the auditorium into smaller sections, which obviously were not present that day. All first year students in any program at Midwestern sat in the first 20 rows or so.

Yahoo!!! He was pretty excited. :)

Taking their oath...

Here's the handsome guy with his new white coat! Turns out that Midwestern was not very pleased with the way the white coats turned out this year, but they did not have time to return them for a new batch. After the ceremony, the students returned their coats and they will receive new ones once they arrive.

These boys were pretty funny together... great photo session follows:

In our golf cart on the way back to the parking lot! I love free valet parking! :)

UPDATE: Spencer just brought the program to me that explains the white coat ceremony. It says:

The White Coat Ceremony is a symbolic rite of passage for students of the healing arts. It signifies the students' initiation into the clinical phase of education and toward a career as a health care professional.

This ceremony reaffirms the academic community's support of the educational process that prepares future health providers for practice. On this day, students pledge their commitment to their professions and to the health of the patients they will serve.

Contributing to the care and healing of others is a privilege and an awesome responsibility. The White Coat placed on each future health care provider today is more than a familiar lab coat: it is a cloak of caring, compassion, and service.

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