Sunday, July 31, 2011

2 months old

I can't believe my baby is already 2 months old! I really feel like he was born yesterday (well, my body doesn't feel that way, but I swear 2 months has not past already!) We feel so blessed to have our little Colby home with us. He is just the sweetest little baby. Here are a few things that I do not want to forget:

*He loves laying on Spencer's shoulder. He gets so comfy and just lays his hands over his shoulder, sometimes crosses his hands and falls asleep on them... its so stinkin cute.

*He is so alert these days and makes eye contact more. He is starting to follow our voices a little better and easily recognizes my voice as well as Spencer's. He calms down whenever he hears our voices, especially Spencer's.

*This little boy hardly ever cries... if he needs something he usually lets out a little wimper and then just pants until he gets what he needs. He has never once cried when I've changed his diaper or his clothes. He is so patient and pretty chill!

*This little man is known to be a projectile pooper... he has pooped on our bed multiple times as well as on us.

*Colby, otherwise known as "Big Papa," has lost the top/front portion of his hair and looks like he has a receding hair line. It's starting grow back a little lighter now and has a reddish tone to his hair that has stuck around. We'll see if it stays when his new hair comes in fully.

Funny story:

While at the reunion in Ogden Canyon, Spencer told my nieces that Colby likes to be called "Big Papa." So the entire week, he was known as Big Papa in our little town home... super funny. :)

*He has found his thumb once about three weeks ago but hasn't found it again. Instead, if he is really hungry he will start sucking on his arm.

*Just today he started finding his hands and staring at them.

*For the first two weeks of his life he slept for 5-6 hours a night! My Mom was staying with us at the time taking the night shift and would have to wake the little man up after six hours to eat. He was still gaining weight so I didn't feel bad letting him sleep... it was AWESOME! He still sleeps a lot during the day and every once in a while will have a six hour night. He usually wakes up one or two times a night and when he does wake up, he eats and then goes right back to sleep. He is really good to me. :) When we get back from Utah it will be time to start a more consistent schedule and we'll see how his sleeping goes at that point.

*We haven't had his 2 month appointment yet, but I think he's about 12 pounds and 22 inches long. He has grown out of his newborn clothes as of last week and is now in size 0-3 month. He has a pretty long torso and does fit into some 3 month size onesies though.

*If he is hungry, has a burp, or is really tired, he gets super wiggly. He is just on the move and sometimes wears himself out so much that if he is tired, I will just pick him up and lay him on me and he falls right to sleep.

*He doesn't like his carseat. Well, I should be more specific I guess- I think he just doesn't like to be back there by himself. He does fine if there is someone there to talk to him or if he can keep his binky in, but if we hit a bump it sometimes flies out and if I'm driving by myself, I can't reach and put it back in very easily, so he just screams and screams. It's actually really sad. :(

*Colby started smiling at five weeks old and now smiles often when we talk to him. He is just a happy little baby and he usually smiles the biggest when Spencer runs his finger under his chin, he loves it! He has the cutest little grin... I can't get enough of it! He's the most smiley in the morning.

*He wants to start talking so bad! If I talk to him, he sometimes will start moving his mouth like he is making the "o" sound but nothing will come out! I think he'll be cooing soon!

*He is such a noisy sleeper and eater.

*He's a pretty bubbly little boy... and by bubbly I mean gassy :) ha! We've had to start using gas drops to help him with the pain and it seems to have helped.

*He is such a cuddly little baby, which I absolutely love. He loves to be held and be close to you. If we cradle him he will somehow find a way to wiggle his hand in our armpit haha... it must be warm up there. :) He loves the moby wrap. When we put him in he calms right down and usually falls asleep within a few minutes.

*He had his first cold and is just starting to get over it. It is so so sad. :(

*He's practicing grabbing things like our clothes and his binky, especially when he's eating. He will take his binky much more often now… mostly when he is tired.

Spencer's favorite moment as a daddy:
At our girls night in Ogden Canyon I had Colby for the first half of the night and then Spencer came to pick him up for the rest of the night. Colby had just started smiling a lot more that week, especially when we tickled him under his chin. When Spencer walked in to get him my Mom had been holding our little man. Spencer walked right up to Colby and started talking to him and tickling him and he just smiled and talked right back. It really was the sweetest thing.

My favorite moment as a mommy:
I don't know if I have one specific moment that I could say was my favorite, but I love the moments when I realize how lucky I am to have him. He really is such a perfect little baby. I love that I love being his mommy. I really don't mind that he wakes up at night because then it is just time that I get to have with him. Just my little boy and I.
He is getting so big, so fast, I can hardly stand it.
It's a bittersweet thing for me.
On one hand I am so sad that we're leaving behind all of the things that he used to do when he was a newborn, but on the other hand, I love watching him learn new things everyday.
I swear it goes so fast.
So I'm taking every second in... because before I know it, it's going to be gone.


Cardon Family said...

Oh I just love him!! So sweet! Come home already!!

Rachel said...

he's so sweet! What a cute little smile. Glad he's getting over his cold- it really is the saddest thing to watch!

Lindsey Bench said...

I agree with Sara. Come home already!! He just gets handsomer and handsomer.

Emily said...

We all miss you! Chloe misses Colby too!!! She's only days away from being 2 months. Glad you have had lots of time with family in cooler country, but it's time to come back to the heat. :)