Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My handsome boy had a rough day.
Today was shot day.

I took him to the doctor by myself while Spence stayed home and studied for his big BOARD exam coming up next week. I knew it was going to be sad. I thought I was emotionally prepared for it, but the second I heard him cry like he did I almost broke down. He was so happy, talking to the nurse and smiling at her with his cute little grin. She said her apologies to Colby before she pulled out the needles and then it was time. All I did was watch his face... I couldn't bare to watch this lady stick my baby in the leg. Mean is all I have to say. How could you willingly choose to have that job? The first one went in and his face quickly changed from a smile to a shocked look. And then the screaming came. It got louder with every stick in the leg. There were three. The nurse really did go quickly which I was grateful for and she really did do a good job at that horrible task. I finally was able to get him dressed... yes they make me leave him only in his diaper in their freezing rooms for every visit... (For this and many other reasons, I may be looking into another pediatrician soon.) I finally picked him up and he gave a huge sigh of relief... the screaming didn't quite stop there, but he was able to breathe a little easier knowing that he wasn't going to be stuck anymore.

This little boy has really turned me into such a goober. I cry all the time. He has only cried like that three times in his life so far.

1. When he was circumcised at two weeks old
2. Purple cry incident in Utah a few weeks ago
3. Today

I cried all three times. At least today I could wait until the nurse said, "Ok Mommy, he's all yours" and walked out of the room. I hate hearing his "I'm in pain" cry. I hate that he hurts. I hate that I have to give him Tylenol which totally knocks him out all day. I hate that he is totally out of it because of it. I hate that he has a fever. I hate that he is not himself. I hate that he is in pain and it wasn't him that did anything wrong.

Don't get me wrong, he was still so so good today despite all of the rough things that he had to go through. We had a few minutes of our normal Colby just smiling and talking away late this afternoon but other than that he has just been staring into space and pretty mopey. Can you be mopey at 2 months old? At least that's what it feels like.

It has been a rough day for the little man, but I guess having one rough day because of vaccines isn't so bad compared to a rough many days (to say the least) if he actually got one of the viruses.

I sure am glad today is over though. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


Rachel said...

shots are seriously the worst. I hate them more than Luke I think. The worst is when they forget their legs hurt and then they move them and get a new jolt of pain. So sad. Hurray for you both for being brave.
Don't they let you put him in a onesie for the shots? I mean, for the exam, they obviously need him in a diaper, but both the dr offices I have been to said it was okay to dress him as long as his thighs were clear for shots, so no pants.

Jonathan said...

Kels, of course we all hate when our children are sick or in pain, but think of it this way ... he decided looooong, long ago that he wanted to come to Earth and endure all this stuff. He knew what was coming, how bad it would be, and still decided to go for it. Nothing we can't handle. D&C 122:8-9