Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cardinals Game

Although we haven't made an official bucket list for our time in AZ, I know going to a Cardinals game would be on it. We were able to get enough tickets in a row for about 10 of our good friends to sit altogether... including Spencer's cousins Esther and Emily. There was such a huge crowd and it was SOOO loud! Thanks to Sarah and Caleb, we did not have to bring Colby with us. That was the original plan which would have been fine, but once we got there and saw two or three other babies about his age totally upset the whole night, we were so glad that he was at the Goodman's sleeping the night away. I would have felt so bad!

Here's a bad pic of the game ticket... but it will have to do.

As we were walking out we saw a wall size image of the football field....

...which one is not a real football player??

I know... that's a super hard question. :)

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