Tuesday, November 1, 2011

5 months

Colby is just the sweetest little boy and we love him to pieces! He brings an amazing spirit into our home and I couldn't imagine life without him. Here are a few things about Colby as a 5 month old baby that we want to remember:

*He hasn't quite rolled over yet, but we work with him everyday to get it down. He used to hate being on his tummy, but the bigger he gets, the more he doesn't mind it. He still won't lay on his tummy very long, but he doesn't put up such a fight.

*He loves his toes! I've even caught him eating them a few times. Whenever he is on his back, you will find him like this:

*He's learning how to put things in his mouth by himself. Getting the purple top in his mouth only took him two attempts. Silly boy :)

*After we came home from Oregon Colby went straight for Daddy. He was so exhausted that night that after laying on Spencer's chest like this for a few minutes, he fell right to sleep.

*Besides playing with his toes, Colby loves blowing bubbles with his mouth and to tell you the truth he's gotten pretty creative with it. He probably has two or three ways that he can blow bubbles and it totally keeps him occupied while in his carseat or just hanging out around the house.

*He is so so smiley and really just a happy baby.

*Boy does he love that frog! His little friend Jacey picked it out for him and she sure does have good taste because it is most definitely his favorite toy these days.

*He's starting to hold his bottle more and more.

We just love our little Colby man! It is so fun to watch him learn and grow and we feel so blessed to be his parents.

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