Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

From Fred, Wilma and Dino the Dinosaur!

Every year our ward has an awesome trunk or treat chili cook-off and they always get a huge group off people to show... members and nonmembers alike. They put together tons of carnival activities and even award the best chili of the night. This year they topped it off with the youth pulling off a flash mob to Thriller. All in all, it was a blast, and a perfect missionary opportunity.

Mom got Colby this dinosaur costume before he was even born which ended up being the perfect size for him. Woohoo! So we decided that Fred and Wilma Flinstone would be the best match for our little dinosaur. This actually ended up being my first sewing project ever and it turned out totally awesome. I finished my dress and was going to start Spence's outfit when he decided that he wanted to make his himself. Uh.... AWESOME! He did such a great job and we finished just in time!


Kirst said...

how cute are you guys!? I love ALL the costumes! good work!

Lindsey Bench said...

cutest family there for sure

Ceci and Steven said...

Cute costumes! Your husband sounds like my husband, he's so hands on and likes to involve himself in projects. How fun!

Rachel said...

Adorable:) - and Kels, your hair looks beautiful - the color os perfect, just like it was naturally:) And did you cut it? I can't tell. Either way, you all look so cute. Love you.

Erin said...

Impressive! Why can't I get Chip to help me with Halloween costumes? Click Click Click.
The backyard looks awesome!!! And Colby is so so cute and just the sweetest baby. Love him.