Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shots Round Two

Or round three I guess if you count the hospital.

Colby did sooo much better with his shots this time! He didn't start crying until the very last shot and we walked out of the office acting like nothing had happened. It was awesome. I had purposely scheduled his appointment so that Spencer would be able to come since I had a hard time at his two month appointment. A few days before his appointment, we found out that Spencer had to be at school for some reason instead and that there was no point in rescheduling because he wasn't going to be getting out early any day before Colby and I had to leave to visit Mom and Dad in Oregon. So I just took him and it gave me hope that his 6 month appointment won't be too rough either.

Cross your fingers!

He ran a small fever the next day, and then again a week after the shots which happened as well for his 2 month immunizations. Oh I just love him! He's so so cute!

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