Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Junkie

A few months ago, the Relief Society asked me to lead a meeting on repurposing items in your home.  Repurposing has become a hobby for many these days, in part because of the economic downfall as well as the realization that it is far less expensive to have custom items in your home when you make them yourself!  When Spencer and I were first married, I started following blogs that were doing just this - taking something that they didn't love in their house and changing/creating something far more useful and enjoyable.  And ever since then, I have been hooked.  It has been a huge blessing to me now that Spencer is in dental school and the income isn't quite there to purchase any kind of home decor that I would like.  I have become very passionate about the feeling of my home since I spend most of my time there and I want it to feel as comfortable and homey as I can make it.  So as you can see, this was a very fun activity for me to plan!  

I brought anything from my home that I or others had repurposed or that I had plans to complete and could fit in my car and displayed them on tables - the rest I just took pictures of to show in a power point.

I showed many before and afters, played a video of me shopping at a local thrift store since many didn't quite know how to catch the vision, and also demonstrated a simple glazing technique.  There was a great turnout which I was so happy about since I had put a lot of time into it.  I enjoy sharing things that I love with others and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to do this! 

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Rachel said...

I'm sure it was awesome! I wish I could have been there to get some pointers from the pro! It was fun talking about this a few months ago and I love seeing the things that you change and create. You definitely have a talent.
Love you,