Tuesday, May 29, 2012


One of the presents Spencer gave me for my birthday was tickets to see Tarzan at Arizona Broadway Theatre in Peoria.  It actually was a dinner theatre which I had never experience before, so we had a blast!  The play was awesome and the dinner was delicious - oh and the dessert - holy cow, so yummy. Coconut sorbet with fresh fruit served in half of a coconut.  Awesome!

Everyone in the cast was great, but my favorite was Terk, Tarzan's best friend.  He was hilarious and played the role perfectly.  I really wanted to get a picture with him at the end but just as we were going to ask, some of his theatre friends walked up to distract him.  He is at the left of the picture... you can see his blue sleeve.  It just so happened that Jane's Mom (in real life) was standing next to me and saw that I had my camera out.  Thinking that we were just nervous to ask Jane and Tarzan for a picture (why wouldn't she think we wanted a picture with them??  They were the main characters! ha!) she offered to take one for us and proudly introduced herself as Jane's mom. :)  It was pretty cute to see a proud Mama!

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David and Jessica Olsen said...

I LOVE you hair cut/color! You are one hot momma.