Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Daily Adventures

Fast DIY project - my favorite kind
The beginning of his climbing adventures - he was so proud

I love it when he makes this face :)  So cute!

Lunch with Daddy at Firehouse Subs - I will not be eating at Subway anymore if I have a choice.  Sooo yummy.

Colby's first fort under the table!  He wasn't exactly sure what to do under there.

Poured my bowl of frosted flakes one morning only to find this!  Here's some perspective, the flake on the right is a normal size :)

He's getting tricky!

Best Dad award goes to this guy for taking Colby to see the sheep down the road.

This is how we do Mommy sick days around here.  Thank goodness it only lasted for a day.  He's a good sport.

I love AZ.

My happy little fishy :)

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David and Jessica Olsen said...

ahhh baby bums are the cutest! i'm glad your recovery is going well....and i'm jealous your hubby is going to be a dentist!! Do you think you guys will stay in AZ permanently?