Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wisdom Teeth

Warning:  long post

Clear back before I was married, Mom and I ventured to the dentist to see if they could recommend me for wisdom teeth extractions.  It was a surprise to me when they said since I had had four teeth permanently pulled in order to prepare for braces, my wisdom teeth would have plenty of room to come in without bothering my other teeth.  So there it was, they stayed in and I didn't really think about it again for quite some time.

Fast forward to Spencer being in dental school.  I got a groupon for a dental cleaning just a few miles down the road that included a full set of x-rays, new patient exam and a cleaning all for $12.  I love me a good deal. :)  With it being that cheap though, I was a little skeptical and was not expecting it to be very thorough.  A crummy cleaning was better than no cleaning, right?

Lucky for me, the whole experience was awesome and if I didn't now have my own dentist at the clinic to do my future cleanings (aka the hubs), I would probably go back to that office.  At the exam the dentist pointed out that my wisdom teeth needed to eventually come out because a few of them were impacted and would cause future problems - but of course it would cost me $4,000 since my roots were curved at the base.  Lame!  So I tucked that little piece of advice back in my mind to pull out again when Spencer was actually getting an income as a dentist and we could afford to get them pulled.

A few months later, Spencer's school decided to change their policy so that spouses of dental students would get the same deal on any dental work as their dentist spouse (plus a $10 copay for each visit).  That meant that to get my wisdom teeth out, all we would have to pay for was the anesthetic that I would be given and the $10 copay.  Wha?!!  Awesome deal.

So we began the process and I was able to have my pick out of 6 oral surgeons to perform the surgery at the school while Spencer and his partner were in the room to observe.  As time got closer, I was nervous.  My bottom right wisdom tooth was impacted and also kind of wrapped around the nerve that gives feeling to your chin, bottom portion of your lip, your tongue, and your gums.  The surgeon told me that there was a possibility of permanent paralysis of that area but that most likely it would just be temporary.  No matter what the situation, I was super anxious.  I swear the older I get, the more anxious I am with things that I can't control.  I used to have those emotions SO under control when I was younger and thought it was so silly to worry about something you couldn't do anything about, but now things are different and I often feel so silly about it.

I knew this was the perfect opportunity and time to do this since I wasn't nursing anymore, I wasn't pregnant, and there was no other time I could get a deal like this.  So I stuck with it even though I could hardly get to sleep the two night before the surgery.  My nurse/assistant was awesome, it was so nice to have Spence in there with me and they even had a dental anesthesiologist in the room to take care of my meds instead of the oral surgeon having to do it which is normally the case.  Talk about lucky!  They put me in la la land (but I wasn't completely under because I could respond when they would ask me to open my mouth, etc. which is just the most interesting things that there is such a medicine that can do that to a persons body) and completed the surgery.  Spence told me that I actually fell asleep during it - I was totally hoping I would.  He said the teeth actually came out really fast with no problems and that it was one of the smoothest surgeries he has seen in his past few months in the clinic.  

When I woke up I remember the assistant telling me that apparently I have a small allergic reaction to the tape that they use which was weird.  I remember getting into the wheelchair, into the car, then waiting in the car while Spence picked up my meds from walmart.  I don't really remember anything that was said though lol.  

My recovery has been a dream so far.  I couldn't have imagined it any better.  I can talk just fine and the meds are working wonders.  One side of my mouth was numb for almost 24 hours from the anesthetic that they shot me up with right before I woke up, but now that's gone and I feel great.  The drugs make me super tired and a bit dizzy.  As long as I'm sitting down, I feel fine.  Now I'm just hoping that I don't have to deal with dry socket in the next few days and am being super cautious with how I swallow, etc. so that I don't get it.  Spence has been wonderful and doesn't let me do anything around the house which is exactly what I need right now. 

I'm so glad these teeth are out and I don't ever have to do that again!


Erin said...

Yikes Kels. I had no idea! Glad it is in the past. Love your fast book project. Cute! And Colby is getting so happens so fast.

Sarah Goodman said...

YAY! I am glad it is over and you are doing well!