Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I really need to win...

For anyone seeing this post and wondering, why is Kelsey posting awful pictures of her bedroom for all to see?! Keep reading.  And for heaven's sake, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!!


I need your help... and bad!  I am a DIY lover and my brain is consistently turning with new ways to change my space - what I could paint, how I could refinish something, etc, to make my house a home, a place where my little family LOVES to live.  I am totally a project person and completely enjoy the transformation process of taking something from yuck to fantastic!

With that being said, let me just tell you that I am on a tight budget around these parts.  My husband is halfway through dental school and I am home with our son, which leaves me trying to make my house THE BOMB without spending much money at all... like hardly any. :)  I would really love to makeover our master bedroom since it is probably the room that is struggling the most (well you may realize that's a lie if you ever get to my house, but its totally the one I would love to be the most awesome haha)!

Here's some evidence:  

This is sooooo embarrassing...

Almost ALL of the furniture in here has been given to us.  Nothing matches... plain blah color on the wall... no headboard, toddler toys all around, and unfinished lamps scattered about the room.

Seriously... there is no excuse.  There are sooo many things wrong with this picture.  Random pics hanging around the room, garbage cans on the dressers and clothes scattered about the room thanks to this cute little boy below. :)

I mean, how could I resist.  He's just too cute.

The curtain rod was there when we moved in and the sad excuse for a window treatment resulted from not being decisive enough (the decision should have been obvious) and having to keep the curtains instead of returning them.  BOO!

Anyways... you get the picture.  If you can't tell, I really need you're AMAZING talent and I need it asap.  And to convince you that it is totalllllly meant to be that you come hang at my house, there are both a Lowe's and a Home Goods within 2 minutes of my house.  How perfect is that?! Also, we live in the lovely state of Arizona - which means fast paint drying time and awesome weather in October! 



Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

Kels! I would LOVE to come to your house!!!! You master is seriously perfect for an Epic Room Makeover! Thank you SO much for entering and good luck!!

Love your guts

April Nielsen said...


I think you are adorable. I wanted to wish you good luck too!

Top ten #8


Katie said...

Kelsey, I'm voting for you. My mom and sister didn't make the Top Ten, boo : (. I live in Glendale so I want someone close by me to win. My husband goes to Midwestern too(It looks like your husband does). If you win, I want to come to HomeGoods with you and Mandi. Good luck!

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke Photography said...

What a cute fam you have! Your married name is my maiden name...hmmm...wanted to say hello!
Kristen (#5)

Oh So Shabby said...

hi Kelsey-

your video was so cute!!! your friends and family obviously think the world of you.

are you going as crazy as i am??

can't wait for tuesday to be here.

just wanted to wish you luck!!

top ten # 7

Sarah Goodman said...

Almost over!