Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas at Temple Square

The happy family :)

My sister Emily just happened to get tickets this year for the "Ring Christmas Bells" concert this year at temple square in the Conference Center, and of course she is in Arizona so she gave the tickets to us and it was absolutely AMAZING!!!  I love concerts and plays and stuff like that, especially listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir live, so I was really excited that I was able to go even with finals just around the corner.  Paul and I had already been to a concert at the beginning of the year in the Conference Center where a singer named Brian Stokes Mitchell was the featured artist along with another singer.  We really loved Brian Stokes Mitchell and we were so excited to find out that he was singing in this Christmas concert too!  

The concert was SO awesome!  After the concert we went out just on the balcony of the Conference Center to leave and we were taking pictures of the temple when all of the sudden something ran into me!  It kind of caught me off guard but I was worried about whoever fell into me.  I turned around and to my surprise, an older woman had tripped over something and fell into my legs and then onto the floor!  Poor thing. :(  I was so sad for her but I was thankful that she hit me first instead of slamming straight onto the hard ground!  She was a little shook up, but ended up being ok thank goodness!  

After that little incident we were able to go to temple square and walk around to see the lights and then head back home to good ol' Provo.  I'm glad that I was able to go to the concert and I am so thankful that I am close enough to Salt Lake that I can take advantage of all of these amazing performances that happen all of the time here!  

Thanks for the tickets Em! :)


Kyle and Melissa said...

oh that poor lady :( but I'm glad she is okay....4 more finals to go...oh how I miss finals in a weird weird way. I loved College!!

Kyle and Melissa said...

Good Luck!!

Cardon Family said...

Is Melissa crazy??? Who misses finals anyways? Maybe the learning part...but not the test part! Poor old lady...I am glad she is okay though!