Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Time is Here!

Because Christmas is coming up so soon, I was thinking about why I love Christmas so much and why it is my favorite holiday.  So here is what I decided....

What do I love about Christmas?

1.  ..... How happy everyone seems and is so giving to others around them.
2.  .... Being home for two whole weeks without any homework whatsoever!
3.  .... The Christmas lights on all of the houses.
4.  ..... The snow on the ground (at least while I'm in Utah and occasionally when I'm home)
5.  .... CHRISTMAS MUSIC -- especially Winter on the Moors!!!!
6.  .... Giving gifts.
7.  .... When we sit down by the fire with Mom's famous hot cocoa :)
8. .... Shopping for NOEL presents!
9. .... Christmas decorations in the house and Christmas lights being on inside all of the time!
 10. .... Decorating the Christmas tree
11. .... Celebrating the birth of Christ :)
12. .... Christmas Eve traditions - can't forget sheets!
13. .... Burning the Christmas candle every night in December.
14. .... Reading a Christmas story while we burn the candle every night of the month.
15. .... Staying in my pajamas all day long.
16.  .... Cute wrapping paper.
17.  .... Shopping in Mom's closet to see our options after we open our presents :)
18.  .... Singing Christmas songs with my brothers!
19.  .... Taking a nap.
20.  .... and most of all --- BEING WITH MY FAMILY ALL THE TIME!  I LOVE THEM!

And that is why I love Christmas....Who wouldn't?!  :)


Cardon Family said...

Oh man..... I cannot even stand the wait!!! And FYI...I need Christmas on the Moors!!! I totally forgot about it and I am going to try and download it right this instant!

Emily said...

I know I am old, but help. . .Christmas on the Moors???? If I've heard it I don't know that I have. The other thing I love about Christmas is all the attention to the birth of Jesus Christ. He is definitely the reason for the season. All of yours are tops as well. love ya!!!