Monday, December 15, 2008


Here is the countdown as of yesterday....

And here is the countdown as of Today! (Monday)

Finals week is finally here!  That's not usually what I say when Finals week comes around, but this time I am actually excited to take my finals, as weird as that may sound!  So this morning I put up my new "Finals Countdown" so I know exactly what I have left. :)  To be honest, I am just super excited to go see my family for Christmas time and can't wait to get to Arizona and the sooner I take my finals, the sooner I will allow myself to start daydreaming about playing with my family!!  Oh man..... It's going to be SO great! 

* Oh and just incase you were wondering, I will post another Finals Week post when I am all done!  Just because I'm excited :)  Love you all!

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Cardon Family said...

How cute....that is something I would do....just to pass the time! Then it gives you an excuse to put off some studying because you are making the countdown....HELLO!!!