Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fish Lake

Spencer's family had a family reunion at Fish Lake this past week and we couldn't pass up the opportunity. I missed a day of class and Spencer took four days off of work so that we could make our way to Fish Lake. It was so nice to relax, fish, play games with family and get to know each other a little better. I had been fishing with Spencer, his Dad, Uncles and Grandpa a few times, but I never had a fishing license so I was just a quiet observer. I made sure that I had a fishing license for this trip! For goodness sake... we were going to FISH LAKE!

We went out on the pontoon boat early Wednesday morning but didn't have very much luck catching any fish. I had never caught a fish in my life so I was determined to catch one. We decided to go out again Thursday morning with a different crowd.

Here's our cousin Heidi with her little boy Kase. He has been dreaming about fishing for the past two years and was SO excited to go! His energy on that boat made it so much fun! Kase decided that we were going to catch a fish and sure enough...

...there was a pull on my line!!!!!!!!!!!! A REAL fish! I was so excited, as you can tell. :)

I reeled it in...

...and Kase decided that we needed to keep it! I was secretly wishing that he would say that.

Sydney, Darren's girlfriend had never been fishing either so it was a pretty fun trip for all of us. She was enjoying her time at the back of the boat and sure enough there was a tug on her line just a few minutes after mine!

Her pride and joy :)

Kase wanted in on the action! He started to reel in on everyone's line that had a tug. Spencer had about four or five bites but they always seemed to get lost. The hook must have been dull or something. Kase decided that Spencer's line wasn't as fun as Sydney's or mine, so he moved right along. :)

He helped me reel one in, but there was no fish on the end. He moved over to Sydney and sure enough... he caught a fish!

After catching about five or six fish, we made our way back to the dock so we could go get some breakfast that was waiting for us back at camp. Here's the group!

But before we could go back to camp, we had to gut the fish. Syd and I are prepping for our turn. We got to watch the professional do one first.

Then we both had the chance to gut a fish ourselves. My video won't upload, but don't you worry I got it all on camera! :) And you won't want to miss it! I'll try it on another post.

It was the best fishing trip I've ever been on ;) and we had a great time with the family! I love camping and it was so great to get to know everyone a little better before we move down south.


Lindsey Bench said...

A girl that can gut her own fish, I'm impressed! Love the blog. Also wanted to tell you that I became a follower of JUST COOK ALREADY to help you get one step closer to your very own kitchen aid!!

Rebekah said...

Wow you have a fishing license and all?! How exciting that you caught a fish! Sounds like fun!

Cardon Family said...

How fun! Sounds like you guys had a great time! Evening if you were gutting a fish!!