Saturday, September 3, 2011

3 months

We've been taking a picture each month next to his cute little puppy from Grandma Brems since he was a newborn to watch how he is growing. I haven't posted any of them yet, so that will have to be in another post to compare. But he has seriously grown out of his "newborn looking" stage to me. He's a growing boy!!

Speaking of growing... look who can sit up in his bumbo?!?! He gets pretty tired so doesn't last too long yet but holy smokes! He is getting so big!

He is so full of personality :)

We were watching Daddy's volleyball game and he would not take his eyes off the game. He was their biggest fan :)

This is a random post, but here are some things that we want to remember about our three month old little man!

*He's not a huge fan of being swaddled anymore... he really loves to spread his arms and legs out.

*For the most part, goes to bed around 7 pm and doesn't usually wake up until 4:45 am or so for a feeding. After he eats he falls right back to sleep and doesn't wake up until 7 am. We are LOVING it!

*loves to eat his hands, arms, or anything he can get his mouth next to

*drools like a maniac!!

*is sooo smiley... especially right after he wakes up from a nap. That is, if he wakes up on the right side of the bed. ;)

*started laughing about a week ago, but has only done it about five times

*He is starting to recognize when we are right there next to him and when we have left him for a second to play with his toy by himself. Notice I said, "toy." His only toy so far has been his play yard which he absolutely LOVES. He will just sit there and talk and talk and talk with those little dangling stuffed animals like they are real people. :)

*still is not a huge fan of his swing. He really just likes to be held and be part of the action!

*He's getting much better at going places with me. He is enjoying his carseat more and doesn't mind being in it for a few hours while we run some errands. Actually, as we speak, he is taking a nap in his carseat and it has lasted more than 20 minutes!!! We're talking 2 hours people! That's a record!

*Recognizes our voices and has started turning his head to find us when we're talking to him.

*Still kicks his legs and swings his arms like a mad man. I know I don't have enough energy in my body to do that anymore... it looks like a pretty good workout and he is usually super sweaty when I pick him up afterwards.

*Loves to dance with Dad in the kitchen while Mom makes dinner. He'll just sit there and stare and smile at Spencer while he is sung to. So cute.

*Poor little guy got thrush about a week ago. He was a champ and got through it and it has already cleared up. Good thing I caught it early.

*He is SUCH a talker! He loves people and interacting with anyone who will be patient enough to sit and wait for him to finally get out all those coos that he wants to say. It is super cute watching him make all the actions with his face like he is talking and then finally figuring out that he can do it and just belting out coos. It's sooo fun!

*He really loves patti cake

*Loves to stand up on your lap

*He's found his yelling voice a few times. :) Every once in a while he'll let out a yell instead of a cry. It's really short, loud and hilarious. I'm not sure that he wants me to think he is trying to be funny though.

*We haven't had any T.V. for the past month or so, so every few days I'll put in a movie for us to watch while we are doing things around the house. He already loves to watch all the pretty colors and turns his head in whatever direction the sound is coming from

*Just a few days ago he decided that he didn't want to take a bottle from me. He's starting to figure it out.


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