Tuesday, September 20, 2011

He's a Talker

Every time I try to catch Colby with the video camera he becomes so interested in the camera that he stops doing whatever I want to tape. We had been trying to tape him while he was talking away but hadn't been able to get a good stretch yet. So one morning while I was getting ready, he was laying on the bed just hanging out by himself, jabbering away. I quickly pulled out the camera and decided to film from afar and zoom in. His talking didn't last too long, but you get the idea of how cute it is. :) But of course I am his Mom, so I think everything he does is pretty dang cute!

He loves talking to us, but he also loves talking to his toy animals. It's actually pretty hilarious. He'll just sit there underneath his play mat and talk and talk to the hanging safari animals like their his best buds. But he especially loves talking with his Daddy. After Spencer gets home from school everyday, Colby will just sit with him and talk forever! I love it!


Kirst said...

so cute!! i wanna come see you guys SO bad, i'm missing out on so much!

Lindsey Bench said...

I love that little voice.

Cardon Family said...

They work!!!He is so dang cute. Love him!!