Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Grilled Cheese Grill

To celebrate Paul's birthday we decided to pick him up from work and head over to the Grilled Cheese Grill a few blocks away in downtown Portland. Mom couldn't resist writing a little love note on the back of the van... I think Paul was a little embarrassed... I wonder why?! ;) It wasn't until later that we realized the word "birthay" was spelled wrong. It just added to the laughs for the day!

You place your order and your sandwich is made here in the trailer. Then you can find your seat in front of the trailer on the picnic tables, or you can head over to the...

... old double decker bus and take a seat while you wait for you order to be called over the intercom system. I love the crazy things you can find in Portland... there's always something new to experience! Of course we took our seat in the bus. Let me tell you... this thing is awesome. Wired with an intercom system that they call your order on when its ready to eat, including great music and hilarious decor to keep the experience great.

The floor matched my shoes :)

Where did this bus come from?? I mean, seriously... look at the decor. Hot air balloons in the sky and kids school pictures from the 80's covering the tables. It definitely keeps you wondering.

Totally awesome seats upstairs.

Almost all the tables were covered with these 80's school pics along with a box of trivial pursuit questions to keep you busy while you waited for your sandwich.

The tables that weren't covered by school pics looked a little something like this.

They even had a sandwich named after me!! I was going to order it, but I just couldn't resist the provolone, tomato, and basil on the Northsider.

And let me just say that it did not disappoint. Holy cow... SOO good!

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Rachel said...

what a fun bus!! Portland seriously always has the coolest stuff.