Monday, December 5, 2011

Just Hanging Out

We had a long bucket list that needed to be completed while I was in Oregon, but we also had some down time at the house, which I loved! There's nothing better than just hanging out at home. It was so fun to see Ellie and Colby interact over the week and half that we were there. Ellie is getting ready to meet a new little brother in the next few months and Colby absolutely loves other kids so it was a fun time for both I'm sure. You can tell how excited Colby was in the pic below. :)

The little man met his Auntie Monica while we were there. I'm so glad she has been living in Oregon for the past few months so that we could see her! It was really fun to catch up as well as visit with her parents. Love them.

Grandma and Colby

Paul was really into the BYU game the Saturday I was there... so funny.

Love those baby blues... what a handsome little stud in his sunday best.

Lindsay decided to try putting Ellie's hair in a ponytail.... well out came the ponytail... and her hair stayed! It was hilarious!

Uncle Paul and Colby

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Rachel said...

i love his smiles. he is getting so big!!