Thursday, April 12, 2012

Conference Weekend

We were lucky enough to have some special visitors with us this weekend while we enjoyed conference. Ben took his two oldest boys to Utah to see conference live so Emily came with her four youngest kiddos and brought Mom along with her! Woohoo! It was so nice to have them here - we love when anyone is willing to venture their way to Peoria. Friday night we grabbed a bite to eat at Souper Salad across the street (thanks Mom!), then came home to put the kiddos to bed and chat the rest of the night up! After a late night of catching up, we hit the sack. Riley and Austin had a mile run at the Cardinal Stadium early Saturday morning so Mom kept the girls home and spent a little bit of time at a nearby park while Spence and I took advantage of the Home Depot sale that was going on so we could replenish our yard with plants that were, well, alive.

We all got home just in time for conference to start. In between sessions our house looked a lot like this: :)

Love when these two get to play! (they're only two weeks apart)

And of course we had to get a photo shoot with Grandma and the babes.

The party left just before the second session started on Saturday. The rest of the weekend was filled with pajamas, cuddly time, sweet kisses, and of course amazing words and messages from many great church leaders.

We love general conference!

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