Thursday, April 12, 2012


The month of March was not too kind to our family. It all started when Colby and I had colds - the little man's was a lot worse though and completely lost his appetite and had diarrhea for about a week. Fortunately, we were lucky enough that they cleared up two days before my birthday on the 9th (which was fabulous by the way, thanks to Spencer and my sistas!) so that Spence and I could get a sitter and go out that night. But beginning on the 10th the entire month started to go down to the pits. Saturday morning started out fine and then around noon Spencer started feeling super sick. Next thing I know he is laying in the middle of the hallway near the bathroom looking super pale and saying that he feels horrible. After he threw up about four times in an hour and started hacking up this crazy cough we decided to go to an urgent care to get some questions answered. They were super helpful and he left with some great medical advice and a few prescriptions to help with the cough, a viral infection and some other things that were going on. It was so, so sad. He threw up probably every 40 minutes until 11 pm that night and then finally could sleep from 11 pm to 5 pm the next day.

In the mean time Colby had been a little extra clingy and fussy, but he was still smiling so much and seemed mostly happy so I didn't think much of it. I put him down for bed and thought, "Whew! I can finally relax for a little bit." But I was wrong... he woke up two hours later with a fever of 103.6! At this point I was nervous that he had caught whatever Spencer had. I put him in a bath to try and get his fever down, then the two of us were off to CVS to get some ibuprofen so that I could alternate it with tylenol in hopes to keep his fever down. By Sunday morning his fever was down to 100 and eventually 99. Monday morning we went into the doctor and sure enough... double ear infection.

Sunday night, just as Spencer was starting to feel better, he popped his ear and immediately started feeling a lot of pain. What?? What else could happen?! So naturally, he didn't sleep a wink. He had to go to his doctor for something else on Monday and had them check his ear as well - sure enough it was an ear infection too. So here are both of my boys with their antibiotics for their ears.

A lot of time was spent chillin in pajamas for all of us.

These were taken on Monday (before Colby's medicine even kicked in). See what I mean?? How am I supposed to know something is wrong if he is soo smiley and happy?!

The first round of antibiotics didn't work, so he had another round that eventually cleared both ears up. After a few other sore throats and such, we are feeling much better around these parts.


Lindsey Bench said...

Love that little toddling boy!

Rebekah said...

Ah miss that cute boy! And you and spencer too of course ;) Can't wait to play again!!